Work of my hands, reject manipulation


  • Battle from your home is Domestic Wickedness.
  • How do you fight an enemy who knows virtually everything about you by virtue of being part of your History.
  • An enemy who took your delivery.
  • An enemy who buried your placenta.
  • An enemy who took away the water used to bathe you the day you were born.
  • An enemy who knows the areas of your weakness and strength.
  • An enemy who received demonic instruction to hand you over.
  • An enemy who knows your Native Names.
  • An enemy who knew where your 1st shaven hairs were kept.
  • An enemy who knows your Family & Personal Appellation.
  • An enemy who knows the Shrine you were dedicated to.
  • An enemy who did circumcision for you.
  • An enemy the Family asked to conduct your Naming Ceremony
  • Domestic Wickedness is very damaging
  • Know very well that the PERPETRATION OF WICKEDNESS is the devil’s HOBBY.
  • He uses one’s home as a THEATRE OF WICKEDNESS
  • He uses one’s home as a HABITATION OF CRUELTY. 74 v 20
  • He uses one’s home as a WORKSHOP OF DESTINY DEMOLITION
  • He uses one’s home as a GARAGE OF GLORY DESTRUCTION
  • He uses one’s home as a CEMETRY TO BURY GOOD STARS
  • He uses one’s home as ARENA TO WASTE VIRTUES
  • He uses one’s home as a PLATFORM TO CAUSE HAVOC

Listen very well, if you are fighting an enemy whom nothing can pacify except YOUR BLOOD then you should be careful not to give such an enemy the chance of getting at you.  (That’s why you have to pray).

  • That is the description of the Domestic Enemy.
  • The Insect that devours the vegetable lives within it, says an African adage.
  • Problems get TOUGHER and COMPOUNDED when members of the same family are the brains behind what the victim is going through.
  • Never you take domestic wickedness for granted.
  • Rather get ready to damage every form of domestic wickedness.

Beloved, the enemies from the home knows all about you, they know your family appellation.  Battles from the home are hard, confusing and “maradonic” battles.  Enemies from the home are satanically wise, they should not be underrated, you underrate them at your own peril.

Domestic wickedness is very damaging.  You must pray and do a good warfare, when a particular power, dark power has positioned itself and use your home as a base and a habitation of cruelty against you.

Beloved, you must pray very well, when your home is converted to a workshop of demotion and destiny demolition against you.  You must pray and do a good warfare, when a particular power uses your home as a garage of glory manipulation, manipulating every member of the family and all are suffering uniformly.

You must pray well and exhibit holy anger, when your home has been converted to a commentary of buying good stars.

You must not allow “sleeping dog  lie” when your home is used and converted to a mortuary for swallowing star children.

When they use your root/home/village home, place of birth as an arena for wasting virtues, you must pray well.  When your home has turned to an arena for wrecking havoc, you must pray.  Many are suffering as a result of conspiracy from their root.



  1. PARENTAL CHANNEL –  g  Esau had his own through his mother  – Gen. 27 v 6 (Rebekah/Jacob)
  • Exchanging Children’s Virtues/Stars
  • Announcing Children’s progress carelessly & boastfully
  • Evil dedication, donation and collateral
  • Using a child as a substitute in occultic society unknown to him
  • Reporting your child to an evil unfriendly friend.
  • Consulting Herbalist on behalf of your children.
  • Joining the Witchcraft group to protect children.
  • Cutting covenants on behalf of children
  • Making a vow on their behalf without fulfilment.
  • Talkactive/chatterbox Parents exposing their children.
  • Angry Parents accusing their children of not doing enough.
  • Parents cursing their children.
  • Parents boasting their children will not be greater than them.
  • Parents involved in Polygamy have brought in battles
  • Parents who brought in a witch into the home as a wife


  1. FAMILY STRONGMAN OF DARKNESS –  Troubling whoever wants to rise in the family.




  • Polygamy is evil
  • It is a great trap to bring glory down
  • Polygamous family is a burial ground to bury good stars.
  • Many polygamist go into witchcraft to protect their children
  • Husband can be sponsored as an evil agent against his wives and vice versa.
  • Children can be sponsored as evil agents against themselves and their parents.


  1. RETALIATORY DARK POWERS –  Their duty is to revenge domestic wickedness caused by the Ancestors.


  1. POLLUTED FAMILY HOUSES –  Where destinies are being buried, smashed, wasted, re-programmed, nailed, drown, wounded, battered, jailed, pegged, retarded, epileptically.


  • Many are from background where ancestors had raised evil altars.
  • When Jacob was going back home after many years of sojourning in a foreign land.
  • He stopped at a place and slept off.
  • He didn’t know  that his GRANDFATHER Abraham  had been there too in his life time and had built an altar there unto the Lord.
  • Jacob slept and had a dream of Angels going up and down
  • When Abraham raised the altar, he did not know that one day his grandson would be there.
  • If ABRAHAM  had been an occultist Evil man and had erected an evil altar there.
  • Jacob wouldn’t have seen   Instead he would have seen Demonic traffic.


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