Job 36:11
As I obey and serve Him, I shall spend my days in prosperity, and my years in pleasures. He will teach me in the way that I should go in order to prosper in Jesus name.

According to Psalm 30 v 7 the FAVOUR OF GOD shall make the mountain of my business to prosper in Jesus name. As I pay my tithe and invest in the kingdom project, the windows of heaven will open unto me, the Lord will pour His blessings upon me. The devourer will not devour the fruit of my ground I will not cast my fruit before the time in Jesus name.

According to Psalm 44:1 – 4 By the arm of the Lord, by His favour, I shall be connected to sources of breakthroughs both locally and internationally in the mighty name of Jesus. I shall be connected to my ordained helpers and helps in Jesus name. My helpers will not die or be discouraged or manipulated in Jesus name. So, also my connections will not fail at the edge of success in the name of Jesus, Amen.


There is battle in the market places monitored by market elders at the gate. It is time for us to realize that businesses are spiritual and that the devil is all out to prevent the children of God from making it big. Your business is your Ministry. You are God’s anointed priest in the market to make wealth for the promotion of God’s kingdom. In (1 Corinthians 16:9) Apostle Paul said, “For great and effectual doors are opened unto me, but there are many adversaries.” There are many factors affecting an average businessman or woman in Africa, despite our huge natural resources. Occultism (Ezekiel 11:1 – 13), SPIRIT OF EMPTIER (Nahum 2:2), DEMONIC EMBARGO AND EVIL LEG (Isaiah 22:25), COVERING CAST AND VEIL (Isaiah 25:7), IGNORANCE OF THE SOURCE OF WEALTH (Hosea 4:6), UNCLEAN BUSINESS (Jeremiah 17:9 – 11), GENERATIONAL FAILURE (Lamentation 5:7), SEASONAL SUCCESS IN BUSINESS, FAILURE AT THE EDGE OF SUCCESS, UNEXPLAINABLE STAGNATION AND RETARDATION, WRONG PARTNERSHIP DEMONICALLY ORGANIZED (1 Corinthians 15:33), SPIRIT OF SHORTER BED AND NARROW BLANKET (Isaiah 28:20) SPIRIT OF INADEQUACY, LACK OF PROPER MANAGEMENT AND INVESTMENT CULTURE (Isaiah 54: 2 – 3), CORRUPTED ENVIRONMENT (Psalm 24:1 – end)) – GOOD BUSINESS ON OR IN ACCURSED PREMISES), DREAM AND SEXUAL POLLUTION, HAND/LEG AND HEAD MANIPULATION (Isaiah 52:2), etc. All these must be dealt with and the basic biblical principles of making wealth in Zion be adhered to for good success.

1. Many people’s businesses are witnessing massive PROBLEMS that God must terminate.
2. Some businesses have been nailed/pegged down (Isaiah 22:25).
3. Some businesses have been captured and killed spiritually. The investment buried which shouldn’t be (Pp. Declare resurrection power).
4. Some businesses are still on physically but spiritually buried in the CEMENTERY OF WRETCHEDNESS/BACKWARDNESS. (Pp. Prophesy divine rescue in Jesus name).
5. Doors of opportunities and favour have been shut against many businesses (Pp. Declare them open in Jesus name).
6. Many businesses are victims of CLOSED HEAVEN. No more dew from heaven. The ground has no fertilizer/manure. (Pp. Command dew and fertilizer from heaven upon the business in Jesus name).
7. Many businesses are obeying strange commands, instructions, evil regulations. (Pp. The voice of the Lord shall fight for you.)
(Pp. Command the business to stop obeying strange commands – 1 John)
8. Many businesses have nothing tangible to show right from the beginning till now over the years.
9. Some businesses have laboured and all they have acquired SUDDENLY FIZZILED away and they have not been able to regain their stand till now. (Pp. Arm of God will awake for your lifting.
10. Some businesses are suffering from satanic LEAKAGES they cannot explain. Some things are not just right with their businesses.
12. Some businesses are under a curse, or hidden destructive covenants of SWEAT AND STRUGGLES, BACKWARDNESS AND NON-ACHIEVEMENT no matter how hard they try.
13. Some businesses experience MARGINAL LAST-MINUTE SLIPPERY FAILURE.
14. Some businesses are victims of LACK OF PATRONAGE, REJECTION and unusual dislike and hatred.
16. Some businesses are attracting CRISIS, WRONG WORKERS, FINANCIAL DEBTS, MISTAKES and ERRORS.
17. Some businesses are victims of SPIRITUAL ROBBERY IN DREAMS.
18. Some businesses are under gruesome attack of WITCHCRAFT ATTACKS.
19. Some businesses are suffering from SATANIC LIMITATIONS or YOU-CANNOT-GO-BEYOND-THIS-LEVEL syndrome.
20. Some businesses are battling with MULTIPLE EMBARGOES and SIEGES.
21. Some businesses repel GOODNESS/PROFIT but attract ACIDIC PROBLEMS
22. Some businesses have been MARKED OR LABELLED satanically for NON-PROFIT and EMPTINESS.
23. Some businesses experience IRON-LIKE BLOCKAGES.
24. For some businesses to ENLARGE or EXPAND is a problem. Every attempt to enlarge is restricted.
25. Some businesses have been jinxed not to be promoted or not to do well after a while.
26. Some businesses are always having unexplainable financial difficulties.
27. Some businesses never do well. They move from one location to another without success. Vagabond anointing raging in their businesses.
28. Some businesses are under manipulation of all sorts, stagnated, retrogressive, pegged at a level of productivity.
29. Some businesses are operating on accursed land, wrong environment.
30. Some businesses benefits have BEEN SATANICALLY frozen and buried.


1. Tithing (Malachi 3:8 – 9)
2. Discover your make-up and realize your potentials – (Ecclesiastes 9:10)
3. Do not be slothful in business, be hard working and prayerful.
4. Improve on your skills, attend seminars, research into relevant works, be computer literate at all cost.
5. Identify killers of your potentials and avoid them completely.
6. Have a good accounting system, requisition book, payment voucher, and proper management. Do not eat up your profit. Invest wisely and cultivate a saving habit.
7. Make use of the basic management tenets: Programming, Organizing, Forecasting, Motivation, Controlling, Coordination, Communication.
8. Do not engage in wrong businesses – (Jeremiah 17:9 – 11)
9. Do not despise the time of small beginning. Everything big today started small yesterday. Make use of what you have. God can multiply it greatly.
10. Take care of your workers, increase their wages as you increase (James 5:7)
11. Mind the company you keep. Run away from destiny killers.
12. Ask God for directions – (Proverbs 20:24)
13. Sow into Kingdom projects. Remember that what you eat does not increase but only what you sow will bring increase.


Holy Ghost, I need a change by fire.

1. Thank God for His ability to prosper you.
2. All evil network against my business, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
3. Every case of unfruitfulness placed upon my handiwork, be broken in Jesus name.
4. All invisible parasites devouring my business, be consumed by fire in Jesus name.
5. Evil flow from my lineage affecting my business, dry up in Jesus name.
6. All the dark investments affecting my business, go bankrupt in Jesus name.
7. Every door that the enemies have shut against my business be opened by fire in Jesus name.
8. Satanic programs in the heavenly affecting my business, be nullified in Jesus name.
9. Every battle surrounding my business, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
10. All satanic installation mounted to cripple my business be shattered in Jesus name.
11. Evil predictions and prophecies affecting my business, be nullified in Jesus name.
12. All satanic enquiries and consultation about my business, be nullified in Jesus name.
13. Plans and efforts as well as satanic mandates to frustrate my business, be cancelled in Jesus name.
14. Arrows of failure fired into my business, backfire in Jesus name.
15. Strange fire burning in my business, be quenched in Jesus name.
16. Evil wind blowing against my business, cease by fire in Jesus name.
17. Every satanic cloud covering my business, fade away in Jesus name.
18. All damages done to my business, be repaired in Jesus name.
19. All financial wounds in my business, be healed in Jesus name.
20. Snail and Tortoise anointing affecting my business, drain out by fire in Jesus name.
21. From any evil GRIP/HOLD, my business, be released Jesus name.
22. You circle of failure in my business, be broken in Jesus name.
23. Any leakage in my business, be sealed up in Jesus name.
24. My business, receive new speed in Jesus name.
25. Let the departed Glory from my business be restored in Jesus name.
26. All the virtues/benefits stolen from my business, be restored in Jesus name.
27. All unprofitable seed in my business break loose by fire in Jesus name.
28. Evil charms binding my business, break loose by fire in Jesus name.
29. Evil altars erected against my business, be destroyed in Jesus name.
30. Negative words will not prosper on my business in JESUS NAME.
31. My business be connected with favour, grace, expansion, breakthrough, multiplication, advancement, helps, helpers, right markets, international exposure, finances, goodness, mercies and Open Heaven in Jesus name.
32. All my business/money in demonic banks, be released to me in Jesus name.
33. My business, begin to yield increase in Jesus name.
34. Let the heavens open upon my business in Jesus name.
35. Resurrection power, fall upon my business in Jesus name.
36. I shall prosper and make it in Jesus name.
37. My helpers/breakthroughs/connections will not be manipulated in the dream in Jesus name.
38. Powers that are scattering while I am gathering, be arrested in Jesus name.
39. Evil rain disturbing my handiwork stop in Jesus name.
40. My hands/legs be divinely connected in Jesus name.
41. My breakthroughs will not be bewitched in Jesus name.
42. My business, be anchored to breakthroughs in Jesus name.
43. Thank God for the harvest coming in Jesus name.


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