1 Kings 13 v 1 – 4; (Young prophet v Jeroboam ) 2 King 19 v 1 – 37 (Note v 36 – 37) Sennacherib was smitten, Esther 6, 7 (Note v 10 Hamman died in the Gallow he prepared). Esther 9 note v 25…that his wicked devise which he devised against the Jews should return upon HIS OWN HEAD. Job 7 v 9 – 11; Ps. 7 v 15 – 16 (Backfire) Job 5 v 12 – 15; Ps. 2, Ps 9 v 19; Ps. 11 v 6, Isa. 29 v 6; Ps. 17 v 5; Ps. 16 v 8 – 10; Ps. 27 v 12; Ps. 33 v 10 (Turn their counsel) Ps. 32 v 7, Ps 34 v 9, 21, 22; Ps. 35; Ps 36 v 11 & 12 (Let not the hand of the enemy remove me). Ps. 59; Ps. 58 v 1 – 11; Dan. 6; Ps. 97 v 10; Micah 5 v 9; Ps. 105 v 24.

• Ps. 17 v 5 – O! Lord Hold up my goings in your paths so that my footsteps will not slip in Jesus name.
• Ps. 33 v 7 – My God will bring the counsel of the enemies to nothing and make their plans of none effect in Jesus name.
• Ps. 36 v 11 & 12 – O! Lord let not the foot of the Pride come against me and let not the hand of the wicked remove me, let those planning against me fall, cast down never to rise again in Jesus name.
• Ps. 34 v 21 – O! Lord according to your word, let Evil slay the wicked and make those that hate me desolate in Jesus name.
• Jer. 17 v 18 ​- Jehovah – the Lord of Battle, let them be put to shame that there persecuting me, let them be in supreme shame, bring upon them the day of Evil and destroy them with DOUBLE DESTRUCTION in Jesus name.
• Jer. 30 v 16 – As from now, all they that want to DEVOUR me shall be DEVOURED and all my enemies, every one of them shall go into captivity in Jesus name. Those who may want to spoil me, my work, my family shall be a spoil and those who want to prey upon me shall God be given as a prey in the precious name of Jesus.
• Ps. 7 v 15 & 16 – They will all fall into the pit thy have made for me in Jesus name. Their mischief shall return upon their own heads and their violent dealings in the mighty name of Jesus.
• Ps. 35 v 1 – Plead my cause O! Lord with them that strive with me, fight against them that fight against me in Jesus name. Let destruction come
upon them unawares and let their nets that they have hidden catch themselves in Jesus name. Into that very destruction, let them fall in Jesus name.

My beloved, I welcome you to this special session in the School of Warfare. You will agree with me that wickedness is of the highest order now. There are massive, merciless attacks everywhere, in the spirit realm and on the physical. Attacks in the Market places, Homes, Churches, Locally and Internationally, Financial attacks are very acidic and lethal. Dark agents hide in the dark releasing poisonous, corrosive, destructive, paralyzing, destiny amputating and crippling arrows against humanity.
Until we rise up and confront the enemies of our welfare, to conquer will be extremely difficult. The slogan is CONFRONT AND CONQUER.
In Job 2 v 4 “And Satan answered the Lord and said SKIN FOR SKIN, yea, all that a man has will he give for his life”. The time to stay aloof on the fence is not now, if you say I don’t want to trouble the devil, he will trouble you.
In the battle of life, it is either you kill or be killed. So rise up with the Arsenals of the Word of God, Prayer and Fasting, Holiness, Service unto God and Humanity and give the devil a round about colossal defeat orchestrated by the finished work of Calvary by our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • In the book of Esther, Modecai had an arch enemy Haman who made a gallow to hang him but his plan backfired, he died in his own gallow. I pray for you that every enemy of your welfare firing arrows of poverty, death, disease, nonachievement against you and your family shall have their arrows backfired on their own heads hundred fold in the name of Jesus.
  •  Those who conspired against Daniel till he was put in the Lion’s den were invariably eaten up by the Lions and Daniel came out unhurt. I pray that every consuming weapon of the eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood against you shall backfire in Jesus name.
  •  In 1 Kings 13 v 1 – 4 – The Junior prophet was prophesying before the Altar, Jeroboam stretched out evil hand against him, immediately there was backfiring, the hand of Jeroboam withered, I pray that every evil hand dropping problems into your life shall wither by fire in Jesus name. Sing this song:

​I fire back back to Sender ​Fire back back to Sender
Please pray these prayers for 3 nights with faith and expectation.


    you have actually giving yourself to the work of God.
    great warfare resourses.
    God bless your ministry abundantly.


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