Work of my hands, reject manipulation



Psalm 116:8; 1 Samuel 3:19; Isaiah 43:19; 1 Cor. 2:4; 2 Chronicles. 36:16; Job 10:12; Acts 16:16-18; Isaiah 44:26; Acts 17:22-23; Gen. 28:10-13; Gen. 12:1-3; Gen. 12:8; Gen. 13:14-18; Gen. 33:27-30; Gen. 35:1-15.


“The Lord shall disappoint the devices of the crafty against me; so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise” (Job 5:12).


Have you wondered why in some families, there are serious negative patterns that follow them, or some form of affliction that trail them? In some parts of Nigeria for example, when a man wants to marry, his father goes to investigate the wife’s roots, and vice versa, trying to ascertain traits that follow such family, why? Because in those days, they understood FOUNDATION issues. There are families that never get to a particular level of prominence in life.  In some, the first sons are poor or wayward, in some, their daughters never marry or suffer late marriage or must divorce. In some they don’t give birth, in some they die at a particular age, and in some they remain unmarried or childless. The cases are endless and indicate the operations of evil altars. Click here  invoking-the-altar-of-god-against-strange-altars/

Some spiritual husbands and spiritual wives’ cases are engineered from altars  in some family roots.  An evil uncle may continue to worship family idols secretly.  You may say, “it’s not my business”, well if your fathers had agreements to serve these demons, and are no more, yet your uncle continues as the appointed priest, whether you like to believe it or not, you are attached to them because it’s a family idol with attached occult practices and your child may end up being appointed as next-in-line to be the priest.

These evil altars are strengthened anytime via animal sacrifices, libation or verbal confessions. That is why, if as a born again you still eat, drink or breastfeed in the dream; you fly, swim, have sex in the dream; sometimes you see yourself in the primary or secondary school you attended, or village compound, you may be under serious AFFLICTION FROM AN EVIL ALTAR. You need to cry to God!

What is an Altar?

Evil altar is a place where evil beings gather together for prayer and worship of Satan. From there they decide the kind of havoc to carry out against mankind or his property. They can invite the spirit of somebody to this altar. Evil spirits receive power from Satan from evil altars. Some evil people attend meetings also with evil spirits on these altars. 

  • It is a place of transaction between human being and the spiritual. It can be positive or negative.
  • A place of covenant creation, establishment and enforcement.
  • A place of declaring some mandates that will have effects on the future of a people or individual.
  • A place where they offer tokens to enforce or renew the mandates.
  • A place of pronouncement of mandates – whether good or bad
  • A place of spiritual traffic:
  • Of angels, if it is the altar of God;
  • Of demons, if it is the altar of Satan
  • A place of offering sacrifice
  • Altars are take-off points for angels (for good) or demons (for evil).
  • It is a Dispatch Centre of angels or demons
  • It is a place of taking vital decisions
  • It is a place of giving and receiving reports
  • It is a place of enforcing decisions taken
  • It is a place of freedom (where people are set free)
  • It is also a place of imprisonment (where people are taken captives)
  • It is a place of legislation (where one can bring into existence by force something that never was).


    1. Altars have power to bless or curse (Numbers 23:1-30). Altars can and do speak for generations (Genesis 28:11-22).
    2. Altars stand as a memorial for those who raised them. (Genesis 17:15-21, Genesis 22:15-18, 1 Samuel 7:8-12).
    3. Altars can control destinies of people under its power. It’s a powerful force that can work for or against a person. (I heard of a catholic priest who was next in line to be a chief priest of an idol, the deity behind the altar began to torment this man so he would pull off his cassock and take up idol worship)
    4. Altars can speak on your behalf, either negatively and positively, in your absence or presence. Why? Because there is a deity behind the altar. (Revelation 16:7)
    5. Evil altars empower or propel generational curses. It gives demons access to your foundation. Bear in mind that no altar speaks without sacrifice, and such sacrifices are offered to demons which comes with covenants and some spiritual legal agreements. Vows are also made to demons which become spiritual legal documents for the enemy to torment families.
  • Altars open unseen doors in the realm of the spirit. These are the highways for angelic traffic; they act as gates or portals.  Elijah did this in 1 Kings 17:1; 18:1-4

Biblical Examples of those Who Erected Altars

In the worship of God or the Devil, it is pertinent to note that an altar – be it physical or spiritual is very important and an integral part of worship. We, as human being are mobile altars; spiritually speaking. Some of the people of old who knew the importance of altars, erected them unto God accordingly. they include Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Invoking-the-altar-of-god-against-strange-altars/

  • ABRAHAM – erected three altars (Gen. 12:1-3; Gen. 12:8; Gen. 13:14-18);
  • ISAAC – erected one altar (Genesis 26:23)
  • JACOB – erected three altars (Gen. 28:10-13; Gen. 33:27-30; Gen. 35:1-15).

Effects of Altars

The effect of altars – positive or negative, cannot be over emphasized. It is as effective as when a person is physically touched by a substance. Usually, altars can be found in three major places:

  1.  Palaces
  2.  Markets, and
  3.  Polygamous homes.

In any or all of these places mentioned, what the altar can do include the following:

  1. It can cage people’s destiny
  2. People’s wealth can be swallowed there
  3. People can spiritually be tied down to an altar
  4. It can decree destruction or freedom upon a person
  5. It can alter, exchange, manipulate or truncate one’s destiny
  6. It can act as monitoring channel for indigenes of a town, community or nation.
  7. It can be a custodian of a family’s virtues

Today, you shall be delivered in Jesus name.


  1. Any altar releasing demonic agents in order to afflict me; be disgraced in Jesus name.
  2. Any altar making pronouncements in ode to frustrate my efforts; scatter in Jesus name.
  3. Any physical or spiritual altar assigned to manipulate my life and that of my family, scatter in Jesus name.
  4. By the power in the blood of Jesus, any altar or shrine from my place of birth; release me now in Jesus name.
  5. Any voice of evil altar from my land of nativity, I silence you by fire in Jesus name.
  6. Fire of freedom and breakthrough; consume any evil altar in my village tormenting my life in Jesus name.
  7. Any strange evil altar in my environment; let the power in the blood Jesus Christ scatter it in Jesus name.
  8. Any strange evil altar, assigned to cause setback to my work and destiny, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  9. Any strange and evil fire burning on any altar, in order to cause hardships and difficulties in my life; be destroyed by the fire of God in Jesus name.
  10. Any evil altar not allowing me to move forward in life, scatter in Jesus name.
  11. All my benefits swallowed by any evil altar in my village and my place of birth; be vomited by fire in Jesus name.
  12. Evil spies from demonic altar assigned to monitor my progress movements, O Lord, let your fire destroy them in Jesus name.
  13. I recover all my stolen wealth from any demonic altar that has been waging war against me in Jesus name.
  14. All supervising demons from any evil altar; let the earth swallow you up in the name of Jesus.
  15. Divine stardom and announcement from the Altar of God; connect me to my helper in the name of Jesus.
  16. Any evil altar holding down my global endorsement, receive consuming fire of God in the name of Jesus.


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