• Eccl. 9 v 12

“For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.”

  • People snared in an evil time suddenly.

“No one can predict misfortune. Like fish caught in a cruel net or birds in a trap,

So men and women are caught By accidents evil and sudden.”

  • No one can predict misfortune.
  • People are caught by accident, evil and sudden.

“No one knows when trouble will come to them. Fish are caught in nets. Birds are taken in traps. And people are trapped by hard times that come when they don’t expect them.

  • A man doesn’t know who trouble will come to him.
  • People are trapped by hrad times they don’t expect.

“Moreover, no one knows when their hour will come: As fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so people are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them.

  • People are trapped by evil times that fall upon them unexpectedly.

“People can never predict when hard times might come. Like fish in a net or birds in a trap, people are caught by sudden tragedy.”

  • People can never predict when hard times will come.
  • They are caught by sudden Tragedy.

“In addition, no human being knows his time: Like fish captured in a cruel net, or as birds caught in a snare, so also are human beings caught by bad timing that surprises them.”

  • Human beings are caught by bad timing that surprises them.

“You never know when your time is coming. Like birds suddenly caught in a trap, like fish caught in a net, we are trapped at some evil moment when we least expect it.”

  • People are trapped in Evil moment.


  1. We must pray against evil moments, evil times, bad timing, sudden tragedies, sudden accidents unexpectedly.
  2. Tragedies loom all over the world these days. No one can predict when they will happen.
  3. These terrible times catch up with some people and they perish unexpectedly.
  4. Many walk into places programmed for calamities. Some walk into malls where a satanic gunman kills people randomly.

That’s an evil moment, may you miss evil moments in Jesus name.

  1. Many travel when a bloody accident is programmed to happen.

That is an evil and sudden accident. May you miss that evil timing in Jesus name.

  1. Many youths in their schools run into calamities. That is a bad timing. May our children not be victims of bad timings in Jesus name.
  2. I have heard stories of people pay visits to homes where robbery is on-going, they walk into sudden tragedy. That shall not be your portion in Jesus name.
  3. Many sleep over in a place, or hotels programmed to be engulfed by fire while people sleep and they are trapped. May you not be a victim of bad timings in Jesus name.
  4. Many attend functions programmed for sudden tragedies. May you be prevented from such occasions in Jesus name.
  5. A man hurrying to the Airport had serial delays, he got to the airport late and missed the flight. While blaming himself, an announcement was made that the plane has just crashed.

God prevented him from sudden tragedies. God delayed him to miss an evil timing. Please, note that not every delay is bad. God himself can orchestrate divine delay to save you from evil moment, evil timing, sudden tragedy and calamities.

  1. Since no man can predict these sinister moments. It is germane that we pray these proactive prayers well ahead.

May the good Lord be our refuge, our fortress, our hiding place and shepherd forever more in Jesus name. (Amen)



  1. There is power, there is power, there is power in the Blood of Jesus.
  2. I run into you (2x)

Eternal rock of ages, I run into you.

  • Psalms 140 v 7

“O GOD the Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.”

  1. Thank God for His security and safety.
  2. By the power in the Blood of Jesus, I cancel every appointment with ……………………, in Jesus name.
    1. Sudden Tragedies
    2. Sudden Accidents
    3. Sudden Calamities
    4. Evil Moments
    5. Evil Times
    6. Evil Timings
    7. Hard Times
  3. O! Lord, prevent me and my family from walking into Evil moments in Jesus name.
  4. O! Lord, cover my head in the days of battle in Jesus name.
  5. O! Lord, ordain my legs to walk into safety in Jesus name.
  6. I and my family shall not be victims of sudden tragedies in Jesus name.
  7. According to Psalms 46 v 1; O! God of Jacob be our refuge in Jesus name.
  8. According to Psalms 94 v 22. O! Lord, be our defense and rock of refuge In Jesus name.
  9. On any day programmed for evil, let the Mercy of God hinder me and my loved ones in Jesus name.
  10. I cover myself and family with the blood of Jesus.

Read Psalms 23, 91 and 18.



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