• 2 Kings 20 v 1 – 6

v.1“In those days was Hezekiah sick unto death. And the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz came to him, and said unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live.”

v.2 “Then he turned his face to the wall, and prayed unto the LORD, saying”

v.3 “I beseech thee, O LORD, remember now how I have walked before thee in truth and with a perfect heart, and have done that which is good in thy sight. And Hezekiah wept sore.”

v.4 “And it came to pass, afore Isaiah was gone out into the middle court, that the word of the LORD came to him, saying”

v.5 “Turn again, and tell Hezekiah the captain of my people, Thus saith the LORD, the God of David thy father, I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold, I will heal thee: on the third day thou shalt go up unto the house of the LORD.”

v.6 “And I will add unto thy days fifteen years; and I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria; and I will defend this city for mine own sake, and for my servant David’s sake.”

v5 & v 6

  1. Evil prophesy Reversed
  2. Evil prophesy Cancelled
  3. Evil prophesy Abolished
  4. Evil prophesy Deleted
  • Any evil prophesy against ………… be cancelled in Jesus name.
  1. Your Life
  2. Your Health
  3. Your Marriage
  4. Your Job
  5. Your Wellbeing
  6. Joy
  7. Your Peace
  8. Lifting
  9. Manifestation


  • Num. 21 v 32

“And Moses sent to spy out Jaazer, and they took the villages thereof, and drove out the Amorites that were there.”

  • Num. 13 v 17

“And Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan, and said unto them, Get you up this way southward, and go up into the mountain:”

  • Joshua 2 v 1

“And Joshua the son of Nun sent out of Shittim two men to spy secretly, saying, Go view the land, even Jericho. And they went, and came into an harlot’s house, named Rahab, and lodged there.”

  • Gal. 2 v 4

“And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:”


  1. A spy is a secret agent employed to watch others and to collect information about a person or a place.
  2. A spy is someone who is out to know
    1. Who you are
    2. What you do
    3. Where you are WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE


  1. An evil spy is a REPORTER OF DAMAGING INFORMATION about you and your organisation.
  2. An evil spy is a personality employed to FOLLOW YOU AROUND in the spirit.
  3. An evil spy is a person assigned to monitor you for Evil.
  4. An evil spy is someone loaded with SATANIC MATERIALS to capture your movements.
  5. An evil spy is an unfriendly friend spreading bad news about your life.
  6. An evil spy is an enemy appearing in your sleep with the face of your friend.
  7. An Evil spy is a devil’s representative in your:
    1. Family
    2. Environment
    3. Work
  8. An evil spy is someone pretending to be with you but looking forward to the day of your disgrace.
  9. An evil spy is a KEEPER OF BAD RECORD about you.
  10. An evil spy is the personality reporting to the Strongman your weakness, vulnerability and shortcoming in other to use them against you.


They are very

  • WISE


Song:  Deliver me, deliver me, deliver me O! Lord

By your fire, by your power, deliver me O! Lord

  • Colosian 2 v 14 & 15

v.14 “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;”

v.15 “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.”

  1. Evil reports made about me and my family, my work, my destiny, my progress on any evil altar be nullified by the blood of Jesus.
  2. Evil reporters ………be disgraced in Jesus name
    1. Reporting me on evil altars,
    2. Reporting my family on evil altars,
    3. Reporting my progress on evil altars,
    4. Spying on me and my welfare,
    5. Reporting me in dark courts,
    6. Planning scandals against me,
    7. Spreading negative news about me,
    8. Campaigning against my progress
    9. Taking my pictures to darkness
    10. Assigned to make my life miserable
  3. Dark spies assigned against me, my family, my work, receive blindness in Jesus name.
  4. Dark spies collating information about my movement and relaying them to the dark kingdom, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  5. Dark spies spreading evil rumors against my well being, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  6. All negative reports about my person, my family and my work roaming about creation, blood of Jesus cancel them in Jesus name.
  7. Heavens of good reports, open upon me and my family/work in Jesus name.


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