Study 2 Kings 6 v 28 – 29
1. Do not discuss your children’s success openly, especially in the presence of those whose children are not doing well.
2. Do not praise your children publicly in the presence of identity/Glory changers.
3. Be careful, don’t carelessly pass over your children’s used materials like shoes, cloths to the enemies you call friends or relatives. They may use them diabolically.
4. Disallow your children from eating anything, anywhere or bringing strange food home.
5. Do not disclose your children’s future pursuit and target among family members or friends. Vision killers are everywhere.
6. Do not allow your children to visit unguided people you don’t know well or their spiritual lives you don’t know. They can empty virtues or do virtues exchange diabolically.
7. Going to your home town on holidays with your children requires prayers and carefulness. Don’t announce your arrival and departure.
8. Do not stay in the family house, if you are yet to build your own house, stay in the Hotel.
9. When family members come to visit, don’t leave your children alone with them, demonstrate a protective attitude over them. They are your future.
10. Don’t lend your relatives any amount of money you can’t afford to lose. Asking them to pay you back can be the start of battles against your family.
11. While you are still alive, don’t allow your children to go and live with relatives. No one can take care of your children like you. People are pretentiously dangerous. Be careful.
12. Train your children to trust in God and not to be exposed to extended family affairs. No matter how religious your relatives may be, they will not want your children to become the superstars of the family.
13. Avoid forming business partnership with relatives. It may gender to a cold war that will extend to your children. If already you are in it, don’t expect your grown-up children to take up the business. It is dangerous please.
14. If you dream of attacks on your children or you observe some things going wrong, get into serious prayers immediately and don’t take things for granted. Send the arrows back to sender in Jesus name.
15. Don’t trade your children’s future glory for the enjoyment of the moment. Refrain from anyone fond of running down your children. May the Lord preserve our children in Jesus name.

1. Patiently identify the areas of challenge.
2. Search for appropriate Bible verses and start serious intercession for the child.
3. Use the weapon of Love always
4. Patiently get the attention of the child.
5. Assure him/her of God’s love and your love for him/her.
6. Tell the child of a glorious future awaiting him/her.
7. Let the child know that his/her present condition is not the final position.
8. Let the child know that so many people have passed through same position and sailed through by the help of Jesus Christ. Use 1 Cor. 10 v 13.
9. Tell the child you are ready to co-operate with him/her to pray and counsel until testimonies manifest.
10. Do not condemn the child, rather, encourage him/her not to give into self-condemnation or listen to contrary counsel from outside.


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