1 Cor. 6 v 20, Ps. 103 v 1-3; Isa. 33 v 24; Isa. 53 v 3-5; 1 Peter 2 v 24; Acts 5 v16; Exo. 23 v 25; Mark 6 v 13, James 5 v 13 – 20;  Isa. 58 v 8; Ps. 107 v 20; 2 Kings 20v 1 – 7; Acts 3 v1 7; Mark 9v25; Acts 9v33-34; Matt 8v1-15;  Acts 14 v 1-10; Malachi 4 v 2.  3 John 2, 1 Pet. 2v24; Mark 10v46-52; Matt 20v30-3; John 5v8 – 14, Rm. 8v11; Matt 17v18; Matt 9v20-22; Luke 13 v 11-13; 1 Kings 17 v17-23.


  • Job 33 v 4 “The Spirit of God has made me and the breath of the Almighty has given me life in Jesus name.”
  • Romans 8 v 11 “The Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in me, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken my mortal body by His Spirit that dwells in me.”
  • John 10 v 28 & 29 “And Jesus had given unto me eternal life and I shall never perish neither shall any man pluck me out of his Hand in Jesus name.”
  • 53 v 5 “He was wounded for my transgressions, bruised for my iniquities, the chastisement of my peace was upon him and with his stripes, I am healed in Jesus name.”
  • 2 Tim. 4 v 18 “And the Lord, shall deliver me from every evil work and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom to whom be glory for ever and ever.”
  • 23 v 25 “And I shall serve the Lord my God and he shalt bless my bread and water and will take away sicknesses from me in Jesus name.”
  • 7 v 15 “And the Lord will take away from me all sicknesses and will put none of the EVIL DISEASES of Egypt upon me but will lay them upon all them that hate me in Jesus name.”


Health is Wealth” so goes the old adage.  The issue of Divine healing from sickness and diseases is a very serious one. As a matter of fact, take away good health from a man and that marks the beginning of sorrow in that life.  It is my candid prayer that our Health will not fail in Jesus name.  (Amen.)  In the original plan of the Almighty God for humanity, sicknesses and infirmities did not exist.  Sin opened the gateway for them and ever since many wonderful destinies have been wasted before their time.

It is important to highlight various channels through which diseases invade our health.  There are many people who are victims of GENETIC or INHERITED DESEASES.

In some families, virtually everyone is uniformly sick as a result of an evil flow of a peculiar disease running in their blood stream.  This is treacherous and ungodly.  Divine intervention is urgently needed to halt this evil trend of collective captivity.  May the Lord deliver you in Jesus name.

  • Many people are victims of Diseases caused by poor Health Management ranging from violation of health principles to poor eating habit. Many are living in unhygienic environments; poorly ventilated, drinking polluted water, inhaling toxic smoke from factories, eating food anyhow without proper diet balances, over consumption of sugary things with impunity. Indulging in destructive Habits life smoking, drug abuse, addiction and Alcohol consumption. These factors are fast ruining people’s health globally. We need to consult dieticians to educate us and also make out time to REST, UNWIND and Fasting is equally recommended to detoxify our system, eliminating the TOXINS and making our organs to revitalize.  Drinking water and fruit consumptions with vegetable will do our body system a world of good.
  • Many diseases are contacted mysteriously through DREAMS. It is embarrassing to see a lot of people sick terminally these days as a result of eating and drinking in their dreams, bitten by strange animals, injected forcefully, drugs administered unto them against their will, surgery performed by demonic agents, some shot by gunmen, stabbed, forcefully raped, strange object vomited in to their mouth, snakes disappearing into their system and on waking up, sicknesses began.  Unfortunately, many people go to Hospitals instead of seeking spiritual help, after all, medical machines cannot see Demons.  Such people must plead the Blood of Jesus and go for intensive Deliverance Ministration.  It is only the power of God that can set such people free, not Medical Doctors.
  • Strange diseases caused by DEMONS are so rampant these days in order to waste and empty people’s Glory. They plague people with incurable, terminal diseases. They manipulate hospital workers into wrong diagnosis, prescriptions and management.  In fact, there are dark Agents in hospitals facilitating the acts of EATERS OF FLESH AND DRINKERS OF BLOOD. God will expose them in Jesus name.  It is important to pray these prayers whenever we are visiting any hospital.
  1. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus in Jesus name
  2. As I go into this Hospital, I bind the Spirit of death and Hell in Jesus name.
  3. I banish the activities of eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood in Jesus name.
  4. My Health and treatment will not be manipulated in Jesus name.
  5. Roaming diseases will not glue to my body in Jesus name.
  6. I pray for Divine wisdom to flow into the Doctors and Nurses in order to take the right decisions in Jesus name.

In all these various ways that one can be afflicted with diseases, God is able to minister divine healings so we can fulfill destiny according to His will and purpose for our lives.


  1. CONFESSION OF GOD’S WORD – Ps. 107 v 20, Acts 8 v 5 – 7,
  2. THROUGH FAITH IN GOD –  8 v 8, Mark 10 v 52; Luke 17 v 19; Heb. 11 v 11; John 4 v 50.
  3. OBEYING PROPHETIC COMMAND – 2 Kings 5 v 10 – 14; Luke 17 v 14, John 5 v 8– 9.
  4. THROUGH HOLY COMMUNION –  John 6 v 48 – 58, 1 Cor. 11 v 29 – 30
  5. BY CASTING OUR DEMONS CAUSING DISEASE –  Mark 6 v 13, Matt 17 v 18
  6. BY THE TOUCH OF GOD –  Matt 8 v 2-4;  Luke 13 v 13
  7. BY ANOINTING WITH OIL –  James 5 v 14; Mark 6 v 13
  8. THROUGH PRAYERS –  1 Kings 13 v 4 -6; 1 Sam. 1 v 7 – 19
  9. THROUGH FASTING –  Mark 9 v 29; Acts 9 v 8 – 19
  10. THROUGH SPECIAL MIRACLES –  Acts 19 v 11 – 12  )Aprons)  Acts 3 v 7
  11. THROUGH PRAISE & WORSHIP – Acts 2 v 1 – 47
  12. THROUGH THANKSGIVING –  Acts 17 v 1 – 19


  1. Proper ventilation; Hygienic Environment
  2. Drink a lot of water
  3. Eat balanced Diets
  4. Fruits and vegetables, bitter leaves
  5. Avoid sugary things and junks
  6. Regular exercises
  7. Fasting for detoxification
  8. Fish, snails and lean meats are good for you.
  9. AVOID CAFFEINE related items
  10. REST has no substitute. Go on vacations, relax, take a break from your normal routine.  Avoid stress.
  11. Moderate sexual life for married couples. Stop adultery, fornication.
  12. Avoid destructive habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and gambling that may lead to High Blood Pressure.
  13. Don’t keep malice, avoid unforgiveness, wrath and retaliation.
  14. Be organized and embark on Healthy time management.
  15. Seek medical attention at proper places where you have qualified hands. Avoid quacks – “Pennywise, pound foolish”.  Stop self-medication.  A stitch in time saves nine.
  16. Avoid idleness. Get busy and be hopeful
  17. Smile and make yourself happy.


  1. Any agent of infirmity/sickness/disease in my body, die by fire in Jesus name.
  2. I reject inherited/genetic diseases in Jesus name.
  3. My body organs reject bewitchment in Jesus name.
  4. Satanic worms and virus in my body die in Jesus name.
  5. My Health will not waste my money in Jesus name.
  6. Diseases that have been programmed to kill me gradually die in Jesus name.
  7. Holy Ghost fire, purge my organs in Jesus name.
  8. Blood of Jesus, transfuse my blood in Jesus name.
  9. I receive divine innoculation, immunisation, transfusion by the blood of Jesus against diseases.
  10. Killer diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, evil growth) hear this announcement, I am not your candidate, separate from me by fire in Jesus name. (Pray very well)
  11. Every garment of sickness on my body, catch fire in Jesus name.
  12. Poison through Dream causing sicknesses in my body drain out by fire in Jesus name.
  13. Every Time-Bomb of killer disease programmed to explode in my life, in the name of Jesus be destroyed.
  14. Arrows of diseases fashioned against me, backfire in Jesus name.
  15. Seasonal sicknesses attacking my Glory, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  16. My body organs shall not be donated by dark powers in Jesus name.
  17. (Lay your hands on your head and navel) Healing anointing flow from my head to my toes, to all my internal organs, in Jesus name.
  18. I command the foul spirit of…. (mention the disease) to depart from my body in Jesus name.
  19. Blood of Jesus flow into my blood vessels in Jesus name.
  20. I command every agent of disease in my blood and organs to die in Jesus name.
  21. Every dead organ in my body receive life and resurrect by fire in Jesus name.
  22. Evil deposit in my body, drain out by fire in Jesus name.
  23. Fountain of sickness in my life dry up in Jesus name.
  24. My body organs, reject any form of manipulation in Jesus name.
  25. I cancel every clinical prophesy/diagnosis concerning me in Jesus name.


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