John 10:28 – 30;  Ps.  91;  Rom. 5:10; Ps. 105:14 – 15;  Ps . 34 – 7;  Ps. 23; Job 5:26; Ps. 118:17; Isa 65:22; Ps. 92:12, 14; Ps. 91; Prov. 9:11;  Deut 4:40; Ps. 140:4 & 7; Isa.  28:14 – 18;  Gal. 2:20;  Hosea 13 :14; Ps. 102:24; Ps. 49:15;  Ps. 140:4 & 7



Throughout this year, I shall not bury anyone before his/her time and I shall not be buried in Jesus name.  Ps. 118:17 assures me and my family that we will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord in Jesus name.  No accident on the road network, no domestic accident, no air accident, no water accident shall befall us in Jesus name.  Arrows of sudden death fashioned against me and my family for this year, gather hundredfold strength, go back and prosper in the lives of your  senders in Jesus name because Isa. 54:17 says “No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me in judgment I shall condemn”.  The Lord will cover our heads in the days of battle throughout this year in the mighty name of Jesus.  As the Lord lives, I shall live with my family to fulfill destiny in Jesus name.


Sing this song!  I have the life of God in me, I have the life of God in me, I have the spirit of the Son of God, I have the life of God in me.

  1. Thank God for the power over death through our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. I release my destiny from the hold of sudden death in Jesus name.
  3. All attempts of sudden death made against me be aborted in Jesus name.
  4. Arrows of untimely death fired into my life, backfire by Holy Ghost fire to the senders in Jesus name.
  5. I withdraw my name and that of my family from the register of untimely death in Jesus name.
  6. I refuse to be mistaken for evil in Jesus name.
  7. Satanic grave dug for me and my family, swallow your diggers in Jesus name.
  8. Every wicked personality preparing coffins for me past, present and in future, enter into your coffins in Jesus name.
  9. My life will not be aborted before my God ordained time in Jesus name.
  10. My sun and moon will not set/wane suddenly in Jesus name.
  11. Every satanic extinguisher of destiny fashioned against me; I dismantle you in Jesus name.
  12. O! Lord let not my star be cut short in the name of Jesus.
  13. Every door of untimely death opened to Satan by me or my ancestors, I close it by blood of Jesus.
  14. Every evil consultation going on anywhere to cut my life short, be abolished by the blood of Jesus.
  15. Every destiny paralyzing power fashioned against my destiny, perish by fire in Jesus name.
  16. O! Lord release my life from negative prophesies and predictions of premature death in Jesus name.
  17. I break and loose myself from all hidden evil covenants and vows of sudden death running in my family in the name of Jesus.
  18. Every evil thought and plans to harm or kill me, be aborted by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
  19. I declare that I will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living in Jesus name.
  20. Go into times of repentance and renunciation of all known and unknown covenants, vows, oath, decrees of death and hell. Ask for the mercy of God.
  21. By the blood of Jesus, I break every evil covenant linkage with death and Hell in Jesus name.
  22. Every evil dedication to the spirit of death and hell, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  23. Holy Ghost fire, destroy every spirit of death and hell fashioned against my life in Jesus name.
  24. In Jesus name, let all hidden evil covenants mandated to harsh at a particular age in my life break in Jesus name.
  25. I release my length of days from all evil covenants in Jesus name.
  26. I release my life from every collective covenant of sudden death in Jesus name.
  27. Let the covenant of the blood of Jesus nullify and deadly covenant programmed against my life in Jesus name.
  28. I nullify the authority and acclaimed ownership of any evil covenant over my life by the blood of Jesus.
  29. Every evil altar of death and hell erected against me, be dismantled in Jesus name.
  30. I command all the powers that may want to retaliate or arrest me as a result of these prayers to be arrested by fire in Jesus name.
  31. Romans 8:1 – 2  –  There is therefore now no condemnation to me who is in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh,  but after the spirit.  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.
  32. I reject Air, Road, Sea and Domestic accidents this year in Jesus name.
  33. Whatever is giving me comfort will not kill me in Jesus name. (e.g  Electricity)  No Electrocution, in Jesus name.
  34. I reject fire accidents, robbery attacks and assassination in Jesus name.
  35. By the blood of Jesus, I renew my divine insurance against mysterious death, sorrow, tragedy and spiritual attacks in Jesus name.
  36. By the blood of Jesus, I renew my divine insurance against deadly rituals, sacrifices, enchantment and curses in Jesus name.
  37. Every weapon of death against me and my family this year, you will not prosper in Jesus name.
  38. Angles of life, maintain security round about me and my family throughout this year in Jesus name.
  39. O! Lord prevent me and my family from making trips that will lead to sorrow and tragedy in Jesus name.
  40. By the blood of Jesus, I and my family will escape all the traps of tragedies this year in Jesus name.


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