Duet. 28 v 1-13 (Note v. 13); Isa 9 v 14 and 15; Deut. 30 v. 5, Songs of Solomon 5 v. 2 (Dew of heaven on my head) Isa 35 v.10 (Everlasting joy on my head) Gen. 49 v. 26; Eccl. 9 v.8; Ephesians 4 and 5; Col. 1 v 18; COL 2 v 9(: Ps 68 v 18 – 21.  Ps 75 v 6 and 7


And the Lord shall make me the head and not the tail and I shall be above only and shall not be beneath as I receive Grace to obey the commandments of the Lord in Jesus name.  Deut. 28 v. 13


 “He raises up the Poor out of the dust and lifts the needy out of the dunghill.  That He may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people”. Ps. 113 v 7 and 8

We glorify God for His awesome power to lift up one’s head from nothing to something surprising. Our God is mighty, faithful and great.  No one can deny you greatness if God does not permit it. To God be all the glory.  Beloved, I want you to carefully examine the contents of this message side by side the way your own life is going.

Why the message, I shall be the Head and not the tail?

In life, two major positions are very prominent, namely THE HEAD and THE TAIL or THE TOP and THE BOTTOM.

The journey of every human being begins from the bottom. Every venture starts from the bottom. The foundation of buildings commences from the bottom.

By God’s design, He wants everything that starts small to grow into greatness.  Job 8 v 7 – “Though, thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase? God equally wants your end to be better than your beginning.

Eccl. 7 v 8aBetter is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof”.

 Frankly speaking, amongst the human organs, the most important is the HEAD. It houses all the vital organs; the brain, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, etc. God has positioned the head at the very top of the body. That is your position in Jesus name.  The position of the head offers it prominence and recognition. To tamper with the head is to tamper with the whole system.  Tails could be cut off but not the head.  The head stands for the top while the tail for the bottom.

There are too many people at the bottom of the success ladder, while a few are at the top.  May you be among the ones at the very top in Jesus name.   (Amen)



To be the head you must discover your purpose in life.  As a matter of fact, I earnestly implore parents to pray their children into an early purpose discovery, so that they will not be programmed for the bottom.  A purposeless life is a life of the tail.  No one reckons with you. Many are recklessly living their lives without discovering their purpose in life. Immediately Elisa discovered his purpose he left everything and followed Elijah.  Even when Elijah was to go, despite the distractions from his fellow sons of the prophet, he stuck to his purposeful vision and inherited the double portion of anointing from Elijah.  2 Kings 2 v. 1 to end.

  1. OBEDIENCE: 28 v.1.

“And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt harken diligently unto the voice of the Lord, thy God, to obey and to do all his commandments which I command you this day, that the Lord will set you on high above all nations of the earth”.

 Obedience guarantees your being on top. It is the key that opens God’s blessings upon you.  God asked Abraham in Gen. 12 1-4 to get out of his country and from his kindred and from his father’s home unto a strange land.  He obeyed and was on top at the end of the day.  If he had not, he would have remained beneath.

Pause for a minute! Is disobedience to God’s instructions stagnating your progress?  Repent and obey now.  Make hay while the sun shines.

Matter-of-factly, many at the top before have come down to the bottom because of terrible sinful lifestyle. Sin is a de-valuer that brings one down from the Zenith of success.  Ask the Holy Spirit for help today. Go for counseling and thorough deliverance, if you are unable to break loose.  May the Lord help you in Jesus name.


Gal. 5. v 18 -26. Character is the gateway of virtues. Negative characters will downgrade your destiny. Destructive habits will keep you perpetually at the bottom.  Avoid habits like immorality, wrath, malice, procrastination, alcohol consump0tion, smoking (tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, etc.), gambling, anger, not heeding corrections, I-have-arrived attitude, night crawling, spend thrift, relaxation when you should be working, despising people in authority, irrational behavior, taking God for granted, ingratitude to God and your earthly helpers, filthy thoughts and wild imagination, bitterness and unforgiveness, etc.


 Jer. 5 v.25 – Traps of secret sins hold one down to the bottom.  Sinful life style is a destiny demoter and destroyer of every move to rise to the top.


Time is the commonest currency God has given to us all.  To be on top, you must be a good time manager. Don’t waste people’s time and don’t let them waste your time. People at the bottom don’t have respect for time.


The day you stop growing is the day you die. To be on top, add values to yourself.  Self development makes you to be in tune with global happenings. In whatever you do, research into it, read books, journals, attend seminars, rub mind with colleagues, be computer literate, search for relevant information on the net.  Apply knowledge gained relatively.  To be on top, you must not lag behind in the latest happenings in your chosen career.


1 Cor. 15: 33: “Be not deceived, evil communication corrupt good manners.

Carefully and prayerfully choose you friends.  Those who will add meaningful values to you.  Avoid those who don’t have respect for the top. Avoid destiny de-valuers.  Friendship is by choice and not by force.  Mix with those who have eyes for the top.


 A person heading to the top does not brood on his past mistakes.  He puts the past behind him and focuses on today for a better tomorrow.  Worry and anxieties are anti-top factors.


To be at the top requires a great deal of Self-discipline.  Spiritual discipline, moral discipline, financial discipline, marital discipline, behavioral discipline, etc.

Remember Samson, he dropped from the top because of indiscipline.  May the Lord empower you in Jesus name.


Prov. 19 v.23: The fear of the Lord tends to life and he that has it shall abide satisfied; he shall not be visited with evil.

 This is a major weapon that earn can take you to the top and keep you there.  Many are languishing at the bottom today, lacking the fear of God.


Samson failed to deal with his dominant weakness and collapsed from the top. Talkativeness, jesting that are not convenient, sexual immorality, prayerlessness, being a lone ranger were his weaknesses.

Recognize yours, and deal with them through prayers, counseling, and deliverance, and avoidance, it takes wisdom for you to get to the top and remain there.  Don’t pretend at all. Your weaknesses will ooze out when you are under pressure on your way to the top.  The earlier you deal with them the better.


You need someone at the top to show you the way up. Elijah mentored Elisa. Be glued to those operating in the top echelon to learn. By understudying your mentors, you will gain speed that will accelerate you to the top.  Be open to your mentors.  Ask questions, understudy them, don’t be asking for money, ask for how they have made it and how you can get to the top.

  1. WISDOM: Prov. 1 v. 1-10

Your talents, potentials, anointing, resources, academic laurel, technical know-how can expire with you if you don’t operate them with wisdom. Wisdom is a principal weapon that takes one to the top.  Prov. 4 v 1 – 11.  v. 7 says that wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding.

  1. BE ORGANIZED 1 Cor. 12 v 4 – 6

Well organized people are meant for the top. Look at those at the bottom.  They are highly disorganized, wasters of resources, victims of gross maladministration. Proper programming, organization, forecasting motivation, control, coordination and communication.  Potentials without organization is a colossal failure.  Get organized and be on top.

  1. BRIDLE YOUR TONGUE: – Eccl. 5 v. 2 and 6, James 3.

Those who are candidates of the top are very careful with their utterances. They only make positive confessions. They avoid idle talks, backbiting, debasing and vulgar utterances. Remember that your tongue carries enormous power. If you don’t want to remain below, use your tongue well.  Bridle it.

  1. SACRIFICIAL GIVING – Isa. 32 v.8, Luke 6, v.38

The hands of the givers are always on top.  Giving is a key hat opens the doors to the topmost top.  Help the needy, the widows, and their children. Give to your neighbours and those in dire needs. Your remaining on top is guaranteed.

  1. BE PERSISTENT – Mark 10 v.27

To be the head and not the tail, remove impossibility from your dictionary.  Caleb in Numbers 15 v.30: “And Caleb stilled the people before Moses and said, let us go up at once and possess it for we are well able to overcome it”.

 Persistency will catapult you to the topmost top.  Don’t give up. There is nothing sweet at the bottom. Keep digging, you will soon get to water, oil and gold.  I see you on top in Jesus name.


Don’t share you visions/dreams anyhow.  Some people cannot stand your visions.  They are vision killers.  Be discreet with your dreams.  Incubate them in prayers and articulate planning.  Be careful whom you share your dreams with if you want to get to the top.  Joseph in the bible shared his dreams and incurred family wrath.  Be wise.

  1. SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Numbers 13; 1Tim. 1 v 18

To be the head, you must be prepared for spiritual warfare.  There are various giants on your way up-, putting up resistance.  You must have a good relationship with God (John 3 v.16).  You must meditate on God’s words regularly (2 Tim. 2 v.15) Prayer and fasting (Luke 18 v.1) Holiness within and without (Rom. 1 v. 1-4)


Every human being has failures and mistakes from the past.  To be successful in life, you need to learn from your past and value those difficult lessons, but don’t ever dwell on the stinking past. Simply move forward with determination to make things better, make more educated and wise decisions from the lessons learnt.


It is important you create an innovative Business Plan as your very first step if you are planning to build a Business empire.  Your Business Plan will consist of market trends, financial planning, analysis, exit strategies, marketing and promotional options, everything about your goals.  To woo an investor, you need a well articulated business plan.  Business plan will enable you keep track of everything including your goal.


You must be determined, focused and persistent. Friends and relations may want to suggest other things contrary to your Vision.  Make sure you uphold your unstoppable attitude and be highly determined to succeed.


Excuse givers are failures in the market of life. When you are spending time complaining about the obstacles you are facing, you are wasting so much valuable time.  When Moses sent people to check out the Land of Canaan, ten out of the twelve people who went gave an excuse of seeing grasshoppers in the land, but Caleb and Joshua assured that they are able to possess the land. Those with grasshopper mentality didn’t make it because of their excuses.  Instead of thinking of challenges as problems, think of them as opportunities.  You can make it big.  Stop giving excuses.


You can never succeed in anything you don’t like. To increase your chance of making it, you must concentrate your efforts on something you enjoy.  Make a list of everything you find interesting, then in the second column, write down the skills you have in relation to each of those items.  This will help you narrow your choices down based on interest and skills which will get you started in the right direction for success.  Once you develop passion for what you like, you are on your way to the topmost top.


For you to excel and be the head, you must learn how to listen first.  Pay attention to other people who have enjoyed successes in their various endeavours. Upgrade yourself regularly by attending seminars, and other viable meetings that can add values to you.


It is important you develop the habit of tackling problems before they arise in order to avoid future mistakes/errors and failures.  This will help you to avoid wasting precious time on your way to the top.


Give yourself a break. Go on vacation to unwind. As you are progressing in your endeavour, please reward yourself.  Buy yourself new dresses, nice shoes, new vehicles etc. You must eat out of your labour.


Setting daily goals will enhance your planning prowess.  Make a list of the tasks to be accomplished and track them daily.  It requires a great deal of discipline.


Periodically, reflect on what you have accomplished and check that you are still heading in the right direction.  Check those things that are working and those that are not working.  Carefully evaluate them for repositioning.


To remain the head, you must always appreciate God.  He is the all in all.  Without Him, no one can get to the top.  As you are grateful to Him, He is committed to maintaining you as the Head.  Thanksgiving is a weapon to remain on top.



  1. Take this confession loud and clear. I shall be the Head and not the tail in the name of Jesus (7x)
  2. Every foundational curse of demotion affecting them in my place of birth and family, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
  3. Every Spirit of the Tail programmed against my life, I bind you in Jesus name.
  4. Every attempt I make to rise up in life shall not be frustrated in Jesus name.
  5. Every power saying no to my rising up, be arrested by fire in Jesus name.
  6. Every evil summons against my Head, backfire in Jesus name.
  7. Every power that wants me to remain on the ground, be arrested in Jesus name.
  8. Every power that wants to bow down my Head, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  9. Evil family pattern that wants to keep me below, I reject you in Jesus name.
  10. Any evil attachment to my destiny resisting my rising to the top, separate by fire in Jesus name.
  11. Invisible limitation causing breakthrough disturbances in my life, scatter in Jesus name.
  12. Embargoes on my resources and abilities, be lifted in Jesus name.
  13. Deadly sieges buffeting against my journey to the top, scatter in Jesus name.
  14. Unexplainable restrictions against my doing well in life, be removed in Jesus name.
  15. I reject sudden downfall as I am rising up in life in Jesus name.
  16. My ladder of progress shall not break suddenly in Jesus name.
  17. Contrary wind will not blow me off as I rise up in Jesus name.
  18. Sudden tragedy will not cripple me as I journey upward in Jesus name.
  19. Untimely death will not cut me off before my time in Jesus name.
  20. I reject failure or problems at the very edge of success in Jesus name.
  21. I reject the attack of ALMOST GET THERE in Jesus name.
  22. I reject rising and falling in Jesus name.
  23. You arrow of sudden problem as I rise up in life, backfire in Jesus name.
  24. I reject you foul spirit of stagnation as I make efforts in Jesus name.
  25. Anointing to start and finish well, fall on me in Jesus name.

O Lord, raise up my head in this generation in Jesus name.


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