This decision was born of the enough is enough spirit. He simply remembered the kind of father he had. But how much more are you—a joint-heir with Christ!? Your Father is the possessor of both Heaven and the Earth!


More questions still:


  • Have you made mistakes that are now running you down?
  • Have you lost fellowship with God?
  • Have you mismanaged your resources and now in penury?
  • Have you wasted your productive years and everything is gone?
  • Have you been so battered in that relationship that it looks now like no reconciliation is possible?


One thing you must remember is that God is full of mercy. Remember also 1 Corinthians 6:14: “And God both raised up the Lord and will also raise us up by His power.” Let the enough is enough spirit rise up in you in the face of whatever you may be facing now because of the divine assurances you have in Christ that all will be well.


Earlier we saw a couple of cases of people who in Bible times could take it no more and got angry with their situations, saying, “Enough is enough.” Let’s now consider a couple more of contemporary ones for our edification and encouragement.




A brother was afflicted with a strange head problem. He was billed for an operation, the success of which was not certain. “It’s a fifty-fifty situation,” said the doctor to the brother. But a day to the operation, the enough is enough spirit rose up in the brother. He managed to pray and God ministered to him to leave the hospital for his family house. When he got to the family house, he greeted nobody. He continued with his prayer and declared, “Enough is enough. Any power behind my case, quenching my manifestation, receive the judgment of fire, in the name of Jesus.”


He did this aggressively for several hours, turning a deaf ear to the pleas of his parents to stop. Suddenly, the father died overnight and it was discovered that the old man had penciled him down to succeed him in an occult group. Since the brother was now a child of God, he must be afflicted so as to run to the occult for help! But by God’s intervention, it was the destiny quencher who died! Today, the brother is still alive and doing well.


Pray these prayers:


  1. Enough is enough, you that stubborn strong man in charge of my case, be wasted by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Enough is enough, every adverse situation in my life, be reversed, in Jesus’ name.
  3. Enough is enough, I refuse to continue with this problem, in Jesus’ name.
  4. Enough is enough, O Lord, intervene now by Your unfailing power, in Jesus’ name.
  5. Enough is enough, O Lord, readjust my situation for wonderful testimonies, in the name of Jesus.


In Mark 5:25-34, the woman with the issue of blood had suffered many things in the hands of physicians, having spent all she had to no avail. On hearing that Jesus was passing by, she summoned courage—against all odds. She was simply tired of her 12-year-old affliction! She couldn’t bear it any longer! She said within herself, “Enough is enoughIf only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well” (v. 28). And that was it—settled!


Beloved, determine to part ways with your age-long problems. You must resolutely determine to seek the Almighty Healer. Psalm 55:22 says, “Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.” Do what this woman with the issue of blood did: Wait on God, stay in His presence, receive His touch and move forward.




A woman believing God for the fruit of the womb waited for several years. She had actually become such an object of ridicule that she decided to stay off everything. So away she went to a prayer mountain for months telling God, “Until You give me a new womb to carry my own babies, I will not live this mountain.” And there she encountered the God of Sarah and Hannah. Today, she is a joyful mother of children.


But, most unfortunately, I have discovered that many Christians are not ready to PAY THE PRICE. We are simply too lazy to wait upon the LORD! We want to achieve much with little or no spiritual effort at all! We want mighty financial blessings without paying our tithes, without giving our first fruits, without giving to the poor and needy, even without sowing! Some cases require more than just Sunday-Sunday prayers. They require that you be with God for weeks, months, even a whole year! After all, don’t you take accumulated leave to go and enjoy yourself overseas?


You must get desperate like Jacob. He said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!” (Genesis 32:26). Jesus told His disciples that some problems would not go except by prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21). So many Christians are too much at ease that they would rather give money to prayer-contractor pastors to fast for them! I pity them. I pray you won’t be like them, in the name of Jesus. Declare enough is enough upon your case and go into fierce Holy Spirit-led battles against the enemies of your soul.




  1. When you discover that oppression is tarrying too long in your life.
  2. When you are witnessing unusual limitations.
  3. When you notice a chronic embargo on your progress.
  4. When you witness constant failure at the edge of success.
  5. When, following the same pattern, young people are dying suddenly in your family.
  6. When some negative things are occurring in a particular month, season, or interval of


  1. When some peculiar dreams are recurring, causing negative manifestations in the


  1. When you notice that you are always moving with the wrong people, employing the

wrong people, doing business with the wrong people, even hiring the wrong housemaids.

  1. When you discover that you labour so hard without results, or barely with little results.
  2. When you work hard for your organisation and the credit or reward of promotion is given

to another person—and you are forgotten without explanation.

  1. When people use your brain and ideas only to leave you dangerously poor—and they are


  1. When everything you touch or do dies.
  2. When you notice unexplainable backwardness, non-achievement, hatred and demotion.
  3. When you notice an evil family pattern affecting you and members of your family.
  4. When you notice that your speed of progress in life is suddenly reduced.
  5. When your journey of forty days is now turning to forty years.
  6. When you notice a rising and falling pattern in your life.
  7. When you notice repeated failure and falling, repeated accidents and attacks, repeated

sicknesses and afflictions recurring.

  1. When you notice that your marriage, your work, or your family members are under evil

control or regulation.

  1. When, as a man, you discover that you have lost your manhood and your wife is now the

home affairs manager.

  1. When you discover that some habits that are destroying your life are just too hard to

break or drop.

  1. When you truly make money but can’t account for its spending—no visible

achievement—and you are miserable.

  1. When your spiritual life is zero, no more joy of salvation, you are on a fast lane to hell.
  2. When you can no longer fight back in the dream and the enemies are gaining the upper


  1. When you have stayed too long in the school of hopelessness, reproach and bondage.
  2. When all the doors of opportunities are blocked and you feel like committing suicide.
  3. When you are no longer useful to yourself, your family and society.
  4. When desolation suddenly takes over your life.
  5. When all your helps and helpers are running away from you.
  6. When you notice sudden blackout in your life; darkness has taken over and all manner of

oppression are having a field day.

  1. When you suddenly fall from a great height, or become suddenly poor, and are now

living an opposite life.

  1. When serving God is no longer interesting to you, the joy of salvation is no more, giving

has become a burden, and you are now spiritually wretched.

  1. When you notice that goodness is disappearing from your life and are now witnessing

bad occurrences, making people to describe you with evil.

  1. When you are tired of your present situation and are desperate for a change.
  2. When your God-given vision is not materializing and you are ageing fast.






 Ezekiel 14:1-8 Genuine repentance is the foundation for a great change. You must do away with the idols in your heart and put away the stumbling blocks of iniquity before God can answer you and turn things around for you. As long as there are vices in your life, problems will be elongated and expanded. Drop all sinful habits, all the lust of the eyes, all the lust of the flesh—immorality, unforgiveness, bitterness, etc., etc.—and pride,


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