Ezekiel 16 v 44; 18 v 1 – 3; Psalm 11 v 3; Lam. 5 v 7 – 16; 2 Tim. 4 v 18; Ezek. 18 v 18 – 20; Psalm 82 v 5; Gal. 4 v 9; Isa. 62 v 1 – 5; 2 Kings 5 v 27; Hosea 9 v 11; Matt 27 v 24 – 25; 1 Peter 2 v 9; Ps 55 v 16 – 17; Jer. 31 v 29 – 30.


Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” 1 John 4 v 4


The issue of foundational prison/evil patterns is important and cannot be over-emphasised, as a number of people are constantly going through problems of foundational evil patterns, peculiar problems, yoke of common problems. etc. These problems beset families from one generation to the other, it affects nearly all areas of life, i.e. health, marriage/marital issues, longevity, finances etc.

The notable thing about these issues is that, it runs through the lineage of particular families with the same affliction; all family members are yoked or chained in the same foundational family prison. For example, if the yoke of role reversal in marriage binds a family, generation after generation suffer the same fate as their progenitor or ancestors.  What Ezekiel 16 v 44 refers to as “Like mother, like daughter” syndrome.

These problems or foundational prisons differ in families and could be described as:

  1. Family foundational problems i.e. problems with ancestral roots.
  2. Collective captivity i.e. affects all members of a particular family.
  3. Yoke of common occurrence i.e. problems which emanates from the same origin
  4. Traceable family problem, from one generation to another.

In some cases, these problems are so pronounced that the families concerned are known and identified by their foundation’s negative/evil family pattern or bondage.

In Jeremiah 31 v 29 – 30

Vs. 29 – “In those days they shall say no more, the fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.

Vs. 30 – But every one shall die for his own iniquity: every man that eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge”.

God’s declarations have made a way of escape for you, the word says you will no longer pay for the sins of your fathers. This is a wonderful promise from God, it guarantees you a way of escape from foundational prison houses.  It showcases the fact that your eyes must be open to see, notice, observe, take cognisance of any evil occurrence that sabotages destinies in foundational prisons in your family.

I have noticed overtime that the issue of the yoke of foundational prison i.e. yoke of common occurrence operates subtly in such a way that family members are blind and oblivious of the glaring seriousness of their affliction. Most times, before the reality of yoke of foundational family prison dawns on them, many of them would have suffered greatly from the devastating effects of the yoke. It is worthy of note that the effects of this evil flow, pattern/bondage/yoke in any family or lineage is to have the God-ordained destinies of family members truncated.  It is one of the ways through which satan carry out his objectives in John 10 v 10, which is to kill, steal and destroy. “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”.

Another noticeable fact about the yoke of evil foundational family prison, is that, as it moves from generation to generation, the magnitude of its manifestations and consequences grows and becomes more elaborate.

However, it is saddening that some families that have discovered the root causes of their problems have helplessly surrendered and accepted defeat. They fail to take responsibility of changing things, but there is good news for you; God almighty will deliver you and your family permanently in Jesus name.

Examples of Yoke of Foundational Family Prisons:

  1. Sickness – A particular noticeable ailment affecting or that has put everyone in the family in a collective prison. g. recurring pile, asthmatic symptoms, members using medicated glasses even at tender ages, insanity, blood issues, kidney failure, heart issues, etc.
  2. Untimely/Premature Death – Here, members do not live long to old age.
  3. Poverty – In some family, though well-schooled, poverty seems to be their second name. Their result is not commensurate with their labour input.
  4. Marital Problems – These manifests in form of late marriages, divorce, separations, barrenness, single parenthood, marital cruelty, role reversal in marriage etc.
  5. Pride – families plagued with this malady often take pride in their problems.
  6. OthersStealing, Drunkenness, Arrogance, Craftiness, Sexual immorality etc.

 Dearly beloved, I want you to know that there is an already settled Calvary victory for you by your new life in Christ. It is important you know who you are in Christ Jesus. The scriptures say “Christ in you the hope of glory” Col. 1: 27b.

Luke 10 v 19, States that God through our Lord Jesus, has given you and I power to tread upon serpents, scorpions i.e. agents of darkness and over all the powers of the enemy.

Beloved in this world, we shall experience and encounter many battles, but when you know Jesus and abide in the teaching of His word, no battle can defeat you. No man will go through life without challenges. Jesus gave a word of re-assurance when He told His followers “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”. John 16: 33. Being an overcomer is your birth right through your new birth, because of the finished work of Calvary through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Beloved, you are not a king without a crown or without a throne or without a royal garment.  Your priesthood has a royal garment, so you are a royal priesthood, a holy nation. “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light. 1 Peter 2: 9. So you are not permitted to be imprisoned by any evil or negative power/pattern in your foundation, you are not to be corrupted, polluted, destroyed i.e. your destiny is made clean, before God.

You must be bold to rebuke the works of darkness, you must not romance them in whatever way; if you do, you will not be able to rebuke them or deal with them.

Beloved, the following shall be your experience after being delivered from foundational prison.

  1. You will have a major testimony.
  2. Your problems and challenges will bow to the Lordship of Jesus.
  3. Your dry bones shall rise again.
  4. You will receive massive restoration.
  5. Your discouragement shall become testimonies.
  6. Many hopeless situations in your life shall become mighty testimonies.
  7. Your dormant glory i.e. glory that has been written-off, shall be restored to life.
  8. Your glory that has been exchanged will be brought back to life.
  9. Your restricted glory, caged glory, hindered glory i.e. marital glory, business, financial glory, that has been pegged, shall break barriers.
  10. Evil loads on your head shall be removed.
  11. Testimonies that will announce your glory worldwide shall come your way
  12. Your wall of Jericho shall fall. Joshua 6 v 20

Beloved, your evil foundation makes you:

  • Toil without reward,
  • You labour but the banks and finance houses are the ones taking your reward
  • You labour and another person is taking your reward,
  • You labour and you are not adequately rewarded,
  • You labour but you are suffering,
  • They use your brain to package proposals/projects and people are making it at your expense but you remain poor,
  • You are owing, you labour you have invested, but the marketing for your investment are not coming, and so debt is piling up, you are using debt to pay debt,
  • You labour, you study but no success,
  • you labour in your marriage but you cannot eat the reward of your marriage, why because there is a foundational altar of sweat and struggle, which must scatter in Jesus name.

Every altar of sweat and struggle in your foundation, affecting you and your family members, I command to scatter in Jesus name.

Where is that altar that scatters when you are gathering? altar that is boasting that nothing will consist in your life, I command it to scatter in Jesus name.


  1. Unconfessed Family Sins: Sin is the devil’s free ticket to steal, kill and destroy lives.  It gives the devil a leeway in the lives of members of any family. Exo 20 v 5.  Unconfessed sins bring severe consequences, it gives satan – the accuser of the brethren undue advantage over situations.
  2. Evil covenants (inherited): These are covenants made by your ancestors and forefathers on behalf of the family, which have negative effects and consequences on generations after. Covenants could be entered into verbally through sacrifice, exchange of gifts or power or skill or expertise at various shrines or altars.
  3. Evil Satanic Priesthood: The way God chooses and separates men unto Himself, same way Satan also drafts some into his ministry. Families here usually dedicate their firstborn male or female as the case maybe to the chosen satanic deity as a priest or priestess. This priesthood is not without its attendant negative consequences which may include: marital turbulence, ill health, untimely death. Etc.
  4. Family Names: There are many family names that does not glorify God. These names have demonic undertones.  Each time the names are mentioned, the demons involved are invoked and the attendant negative consequences follow.  Names that are synonymous with limitations, barriers, curses, dedication to idols have grave consequences to the families that go by them.  Idolatrous family names bring backwardness, retrogression to the family members and God does not delight in such names. EXO 23 v 13.
  1. Curses: These are negative words, evil pronouncements, what Isaiah 10 v 1 refers to as unrighteous decree and written or spoken grievousness which have been prescribed, with the intent to afflict victims negatively.  Curses can run in families, communities and can also affect generations unborn if they are not dealt with.

Way out of Foundational Prison

  1. Repentance
  2. Have a relationship with God i.e. be born again.
  3. Warfare prayers
  4. Family Deliverance
  5. Lay a new foundation for the family.


  1. Oh Lord my father, I repent of any evil things that my family has been involved in, in Jesus name.
  2. Blood of Jesus reconcile my life to you, blood of Jesus flow into my foundation, wash me, redeem me in Jesus name.
  3. I renounce all the idols, gods that my ancestors have served that has brought us into captivity in Jesus name.
  4. All covenants, dedications and tokens made with idols and demons, I renounce them, I separate myself from these transactions in Jesus name.
  5. Oh Lord, arise, let your hand be strong upon me in Jesus name.
  6. Every chain of collective captivity, upon my life, break in Jesus name.
  7. Every power altering my family destiny, die in Jesus name.
  8. Evil foundation of idolatry and witchcraft in my family, die in Jesus name.
  9. Every curse affecting my family line, break by fire in Jesus name.
  10. Trans-generational yoke of common occurrence, break in Jesus name.
  11. Satanic altars promoting manifestation of collective captivity in my family line, break in Jesus name.
  12. Evil yoke of anti-marriage, lack, untimely death, poverty etc, break in Jesus name.
  13. Problems in my life, bow to the name of Jesus name.
  14. Works of darkness in my life, I command in Jesus name be destroyed.
  15. Deliverance fire, from God almighty, I am available in Jesus name, fall on me.
  16. Yoke of foundational captivity, break by fire in Jesus name.
  17. Foundational yokes, killing good things in my life, break by fire in Jesus name.
  18. Foundational altar of hindrances, resisting my breakthroughs, break by fire.
  19. Foundational ailment, mocking my salvation, vanish in Jesus name.
  20. Foundational altar of sweat and struggles scatter in Jesus name.
  21. Foundational altar of hindrance, delay, frustration, disappointment, failure at the edge of success, altar of almost-there, of financial debt, labouring without result, altars delaying the marketing of my products, making me start a project without completion, altar of suffering, hear the word of the Lord, in Jesus name scatter by fire.
  22. Altar scattering anytime I am gathering, I command in Jesus name, scatter.
  23. I refuse to suffer, what I don’t know about in Jesus name.
  24. Satanic judgment issued against my ancestors, now working against me, by the blood of Jesus break in Jesus name.
  25. Evil record sponsoring litigation against my rising up, blood of Jesus cancel them.
  26. Blood of Jesus, cancel any evil judgment against me, my work, my marriage in Jesus name.
  27. Blood of Jesus, remove every sanction against me in Jesus name.
  28. Any embargo from my foundation on my welfare, by the power of resurrection be lifted in Jesus name.
  29. Isaiah 42 v 22 – Power of God that destroys and breaks foundational yokes, fall on me in Jesus name.


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