A few years ago, I had a young automobile mechanic maintaining my vehicles. This young man was so brilliant and efficient in his job that many top executives like me patronized him. But he never prospered. I called him and advised he embarked on thorough investigative prayers to know the secrets behind his situation. Afterward, he relayed his dreams to me where he would work and make money but a strange woman would appear, selling EGGS. He would buy all the eggs, eat them all, and have no money remaining. That was the manipulative dream making him to be in penury despite his industry and earnings.

Manipulative dreams are destiny-demoting dreams. They make one to be spiritually demonically-controlled, thereby causing one’s destiny to be retrogressing, or even painfully stagnated. These are dreams to be vehemently prayed against and not to be taken for granted.

Many people have had wonderful dreams that have been massacred and interrupted by manipulations. For the purpose of clarity, I would like to list below some very common manipulative dreams people largely ignore. But they bring untold hardship later as enumerated in these consequences of manipulative dreams.


(1) Manipulative dreams make victims to make costly mistakes.

(2) Make one to hear strange voices pushing one out of places of fulfillment. For example, a student in his final year dreaming that he should abandon his course for another thing and a voice persistently urging him to do so. So also, assisting pastors leaving their masters before the ordained time.

(3) Make one to resign his or her good job prematurely.

(4) Make one to behave unruly, irrationally, aggressively.

(5) Dreams of manipulation can make one to be duped by fraudsters presenting what is not real to be real in the dream.

(6) Make one’s name to be removed from the promotion list to the demotion list. At the last minute of short-listing people for contracts or scholarship, such dreams will facilitate the removal of one’s name.

(7) Manipulative dreams engender denial of one’s rights.

(8) These dreams make good things shared to be finished before it is one’s turn, or the distributor closes the distribution before it is one’s turn without any reason.

(9) Manipulative dreams are behind dis-favour, sudden hatred, rejection, false accusation, misinterpretation, daunting hindrances and blockages coupled with unexplainable disappointment, delay, shame, and so on.

(10) Manipulative dreams sponsor bizarre addiction to alcohol, tobacco, sex, crime and other things done in excess uncontrollably.

(11) These dreams make one to stay jobless, unproductive and dangerously useless to oneself, family, and one’s generation at large.

(12) Manipulative dreams will make the enemy gain the upper hand. To fight back will be difficult.

(13) These dreams sponsor untimely death making many women to be sudden widows, or childless; and many men widowers, grossly frustrated and destabilized in life. Also, frequent accidents that eventually kill are products of manipulative dreams.

(14) Manipulative dreams make victims to be under strange witchcraft influence and terrible demonic control.

(15) Downgrading situations, terrible humiliation, chronic hardship, ridicule, disregard, insult, demotion, sudden downfall, sexual recklessness – are all products of manipulative dreams.

(16) Manipulative dreams make one to face opposition in LIFE and one’s well-being will be tampered with in the spirit and physical realms.

(17) These dreams make people or organizations cherishing you to suddenly turn their back against you, not wanting to see you again without reason. Dream criminals must have warned and threatened them in the dream with death or calamities if they continue with you.

(18) Difficulty in advancing or progressing in life is a direct product of manipulative dreams. Such a person will suffer iron-like blockages. Closed door roundabout. Everything is just tight. There is a wall of frustration and multiple barriers/road blocks.

(19) Dreams of financial manipulation are behind debts, financial imbalance, making money and putting it in wrong investment – bags with holes, spending on destructive things, spending on socials that will not bring any returns, spending on sicknesses, paying fines, etc.

(20) Manipulative dreams will leave one’s project uncompleted. The project will be hindered.

(21) These dreams are behind multiple embargoes, sieges, limitations, resistance and general disturbances.

(22) Manipulative dreams make one to lose opportunities, positions, appointment and causes failed promises.

(23) They can make one to be losing vital things, misplacing documents, certificates; equally they can facilitate thefts, robbery and assassinations.

(24) Manipulative dreams cause demonic sicknesses defying medical treatment. But such sicknesses will bow to the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

(25) These dreams are behind marital troubles: making husbands and wives to be living like cats and dogs, sudden separation, frequent quarrels, hatred in marriage and other related problems like divorces without tangible reasons.

(26) Manipulative dreams cause slow achievement, poor mentality, porous memory, speed of achievement not the way it should be.

(27) Manipulative dreams cause late marriages, fibroid as a result of sex in dreams when victims are raped by demons – spirit husband or wife. The evil sperm deposited causes pains in the waist, stomach, blockages of fallopian tubes, fibroid, sometimes cancer in both male and female, lactation in young unmarried ladies without feeding any baby, and also demonic body odor.

(28) Manipulative dreams cause one to be weakened spiritually through a barrage of filthy manipulative dreams like smoking, sex in dreams. One’s consecration will be distorted.

(29) Manipulative dreams facilitate barrenness and miscarriages; embarrassing wetness, itching, foul smell and irritation.

(30) Manipulative dreams cause strange movement in the body as a result of evil deposits. Witchcraft agents raping the victim by impersonating as a hermaphrodite or one’s spouse.

(31) These dreams will make single ladies/men to have advances from the opposite sex without any leading to marriage. Powers through dreams will be manipulating them by presenting the partner in bad light.


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