2 Kings 5 v 1 – 14; Isaiah 50 v 7 – 9; Rev. 3 v 8; Gen. 26 v 17 – 22; 31 v 1 – 13; Job 5 v 8 – 11; Isaiah 55 v 10 – 13; Jeremiah 10 v 23, 33 v 3; Zech 4 v 9; John 3 v 27, 2 Cor. 3 v 5; Jeremiah 20 v 11; Jeremiah 31 v 16


Jeremiah 29 v 11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end

Song:  I shall get to my promise Land

No matter what the devil may say,

I shall get to my promise Land



Dear beloved, the plan of God for you is for good, to give you a hope and an expected end.  For the good that God has promised to manifest, many hurdles have to be crossed.  You need to cross-over and overcome many “Jordans”.

What does Jordan represent?  “Jordan” is an important river in the scriptures.  Several landmark events took place at river Jordan.

  1. The children of Israel crossed over river Jordan on their way to the promise land.
  2. Elijah received the double portion of Elijah and put the power to test at Jordan – this was where he chanted  the biblical maxim “where is the Lord God of Elijah”
  3. Naaman, the Syrian Warlord got his healing breakthrough from river Jordan.
  4. Jordan is a place of high level spiritual power – Luke 4 v 27 reveals that there were a lot of lepers in the land of Israel, during the time of Elijah, but only Naaman was singled out for breakthrough healing.

The Jordan appears as the scene of several miracles:

  1. When Jordan near Jericho was crossed by the Israelites under Joshua  –  Joshua 3 v 15 – 17
  2. The Jordan was spoken of as an important defensive weapon (Judges 3 v 28; 7 v 24 – 25; 12 v 5-6) David escaped across the Jordan during Absalom’s rebellion  –  2 Sam. 17 v 20 – 22

Your attitude towards crossing the Jordan of your breakthrough is key, it is important.  Beloved, it is too cheap for God to instantaneously terminate the problems and the barriers impeding your joy and confidence in Him.

Above every other thing, God wants to see your attitude towards the Jordan of your breakthroughs.  God wants to see if your mind-set tallies with His, concerning the Jordan, i.e He wants to test if you are truly like Him “Like Father like son”

God is primarily concerned with your attitude and not the barriers.  All problems (Jordans) are delivered into your hands as preys.  God is happy when your attitude is right and sad when it is unlike His.  Have you forgotten?  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Phill. 4 v 13) what therefore is your attitude?

Your attitude is your mind-set, by which you are required to adopt Christ’s thinking pattern in all you do.  Remember your Jordan is your problem, also bear in mind that Jesus Christ paid the price for your glory, Jesus is the ransom, so put up the right attitude, you are a child of glory  –  2 Peter 1 v 3.

It suffices to say therefore, that if your mind-set must be godly, God’s word must be your word.  You must be a perpetual student of the Holy Spirit – 2 Tim. 2 v 12  Note, you can only manifest according to the contents and focus of your mind.  Develop Christ’s kind of mind.  It is the attitude you need for God to smile on you and for you to cross the Jordan of your breakthrough.  Prov. 23 v 7; 1 Cor 2 v 16b.

Your attitude determines how you face and survive any situation.  The real beauty of any man’s character is seen in how he handles his Jordan and overcomes it.  If you respond positively to your Jordan, God will lend a helping hand in making you cross over them.  But if you respond negatively, contrary to God’s expectation, you get overwhelmed in your Jordan and lose your place in God’s plan.  Negative response to your Jordan, will do you no good, do away with it.

We see a case study in Mark 4 v 35 – 41, where our Lord Jesus calms the storm; here the disciples exhibited a negative attitude of fear about the truth that Jesus teaches.  Here is what happens when you put up the right attitude to issues, stormy matters and Jordans of life: you will become a reference point for good.

Change your mind, change your stance, adopt our Lord Jesus Christ formulae in all, and you will become unstoppable.  There is no devil of any Jordan yet, that can frustrate and stop you, when you are on the Lord’s side.  You are the only one who can stop yourself.

Jordan of whatever magnitude is not as strong as your attitude.  You reign at the end of the day according to your attitude.  Work on it!

Here are some positive features to attitude:

  1. Humility – James 4 v 10, 1 Peter 5 v 5b – humidity will ginger your promotion, crossing over your Jordan in due time.
  2. Meekness – Mathew 5 v 5, 1 Tim. 6 v 11, makes you accessible and approachable.
  3. Gentleness – Prov. 15 v 1; 25 v 15b – having a tender approach to people.  Gentleness turn away wrath and wins people over to your side.
  4. Generosity – This is an attitude that births into the realm of plenty.  James 1 v 5; Mathew 5 v 45; Prov. 11 v 24 v 25

It is important to also consider a few nuggets of virtues that can facilitate a “Jordan Crossing” attitude.

  1. Knowledge – Dan. 11 v 32b;  John 8 v 32

Knowledge must be tripartite for it to be justified.  To know is to answer the question what? How? And How to? per situation.

  1. Prayers – Prayer brings you into the drill of God, there is an outpouring from you to him with an expectation that He would pour back on you.
  2. Worship of Praise – 2 Kings 3 v 15 – 16.  Making melody unto the Lord God is a feature of positive attitude, which disarms the enemy.  When you praise and worship God in the face of any Jordan, Heavens move on your behalf.
  3. Faith – 2 Corinthians 5 v 7, where there is no faith, advancement is not possible.  Faith bonds you to God in full

The name “Naaman” has deep meaning, which include “something pleasant to look upon” but the Syrian warlord called Naaman was living the exact opposite of his name, he was leprous, I pray any BUT in your life shall disappear in Jesus name.  Naaman’s life portrayed the opposite of its meaning.  Naaman disobeyed initially to dip in river Jordan and he almost missed it. So there is a place of obedience for you to crossover your Jordan in verse 10. An Instruction was given, in verse 11 Namaan raged, analyzed and got offended because of position. Today I pray for you, every human character deficiency hindering you from entering into your rest, let God take them away in Jesus name.

So there is a place of your breakthrough, Naaman in verse 12b turned back in anger.  It’s important not to look down on people around you, because God can use them for you, don’t look down on anybody so that you can enter into your Jordan of breakthrough.


  1. God can use a little worker for a mighty man.
  2. Don’t look down on the people around you, they may save your destiny.
  3. They can save you where your money and position cannot.
  4. Numbers 22 v 28 – God can send you an instruction through the horse of Balaam.

Don’t look down on people around you, God may speak a word through them and you can enter into your blessings.



  1. The place of breakthrough is always decided by God not you.
  2. There are certain things God cannot do somewhere else except until you pass through river Jordan.
  3. There is a particular place for your breakthrough in Jesus name, you will get there in Jesus name.
  4. If you don’t throw away your human analysis after God has spoken, you  may not get to your river of breakthrough.
  5. God can use people who don’t matter to you to get you to your river Jordan.
  • So God must strip you naked sometimes in order to get you to your breakthrough.
  • Many of you are too high minded for God, so God needs to deflate you, you are too heady, too cocky for God to promote.
  1. God must humble you before the breakdown comes.
  2. For you to arrive at your river of breakthrough, you must suspend your brain, your intelligence and knowledge (Job 5 v 8 – 9)


  1. SIN – Do away with it.  Always keep this in your heart.  Sin and the devil are one. An unconfessed sin is food for the enemy.
  2. IGNORANCE – Hosea 4 v 6 – If you don’t know how to address the enemy, the devil can use that to keep back your breakthrough.
  3. PRAYERLESSNESS – The place of prayer in provoking heaven’s cooperation with your breakthrough can never be over emphasized.  It takes prayers to appropriate the promises of God for one’s life.
  4. DISOBEDIENCE – No mortal man can force God to bless him or her.  There is need therefore for absolute obedience to heavenly commands.  Proverbs 1 v 24 – 33
  5. EVIL COVENANT – Evil covenant hiding in your foundation will hinder heavens cooperation with your breakthrough.  Until every known or unknown conscious or unconscious covenant is dealt with, no cooperation from heaven for breakthrough.


Learn from the lesson of Naaman for God to take you to your river of breakthrough.  Jesus is Lord.




  1. Amongst those lined-up for help, my helper will prefer me and help me in Jesus name.
  2. My God will open doors for me in Jesus name.
  3. Doors of opportunity in all the nations of the world, I command open by fire in Jesus name.
  4. Every “BUT” in my life disappear in Jesus name.
  5. According to John 1 v 5 – 9 – The Lord will single me out for favour and breakthrough in Jesus name.
  6. Every stone of  unpleasantness fired at me in order to make my life unpleasant, backfire in Jesus name.
  7. Oh Lord give me instructions for solutions to my challenges in Jesus name.
  8. Evil network and signals working against crossing the Jordan of my breakthrough, scatter in Jesus name.
  9. According to Hosea 9 v 11 evil transactions at my conception now hindering my breakthrough in blood of Jesus cancel them in Jesus name.
  10. Evil transactions during my period in the womb now delaying and postponing my breakthrough, blood of Jesus cancel them.
  11. Evil transactions and exchange that took place at my birth now affecting my life negatively blood of Jesus cancel them in Jesus name.
  12. Closed heavens against my breakthrough, open by fire in Jesus name.
  13. Weapons of oppressions fashioned against my crossing the Jordan of my breakthrough be destroyed in Jesus name
  14. According to Isaiah 22 v 25 – In any evil altar where my breakthrough  have been nailed to, Oh Lord, remove the nails and set me free.
  15. I enter by fire, by force into my Jordan of breakthrough in Jesus name.
  16. Any character deficiency in me, in the life of my wife, and children, preventing us from getting to out Jordan of breakthrough you that human habit, be uprooted in Jesus name.
  17. Any manipulation in my life, preventing me from getting into my Jordan of breakthrough, you that manipulation, die by fire in Jesus name.
  18. Breakthrough instructions for me to flow into my Jordan of breakthrough, fall on me in Jesus name.
  19. In Jesus name, I will not miss my place of breakthrough in Jesus name.
  20. Rain of blessings, fall upon the work of my hands in Jesus name.
  21. Help of God, beyond human comprehensions, I receive it in Jesus name.


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