SCRIPTURES: Nahum 3:1 – 4; Micah 3:2-4, Isa 49:24 – 26; Ezek. 13:18 – 23; Ezek. 21:21; Ps. 27:1 – 2; Gal. 5:19 – 20; Ezek. 8:7 – 12; GOD’S JUDGEMENT AGAINST THEM: Ex. 22:18; Micah 5:12 – 15; Jer. 10:10 – 17; Isa. 44:24 – 28; Isa. 42:13; Isa. 34 :11 – 15; Isa. 31:3; Isa. 19:18; Isa. 50:7 – 9; Isa. 47:3 – 15; Ezek. 28:1 – 10.


Isa. 42:13. “The Lord my God shall go forth as a mighty man, He shall stir up jealousy like a man of war, he shall cry, yea roar, He shall prevail against all my enemies. (Confess it loud).


The subject of witchcraft is one many believers don’t take serious. Perhaps because of inadequate knowledge of scripture on this subject or outright ignorance. It is as old as creation because Lucifer introduced witchcraft when he fell. Witchcraft is a wicked and satanic act to pervert, bend, distort situations to conform to the perpetrator’s wicked and disastrous plans and notions. It is a major tool in the hand of the devil to steal, kill and destroy. There is no act of sorcery that does not have its root or link with witchcraft. It is an act of deception, wickedness and exercising of supernatural power by those in league with the devil. For the purpose of this study, let us examine this subject under two headings.

  • Witchcraft as works of the flesh (Galatians 5: 19-20) These include such manifestations as domineering spirit, Jezebel spirit, rebellious spirit, disobedience, arrogance/pride, etc.
  • Witchcraft Through evil powers of hell (Isaiah 47: 1-15) Witches by inheritance, by decision, by force (coercion), and blind witches.


These include manipulation, fear, intimidation, Soul ties, spells, rituals, spiritual remote control, mind blankness and confusion, sickness. Others are consultation of local priests and priestesses (Herbalists & co); invocation through demonic gyration, fake healing, lies and deception, etc.


  • Stubborn chain problems
  • Unusual hatred, delay, failure.
  • Hearing strange voices, seeing evil always, uncontrollable heinous dreams.
  • Scratches and incisions on the body while sleeping.
  • Cobweb blockage
  • Spirit of almost there
  • Denial of divine goodness.
  • Weakness to pray and study; hatred for the gospel and preachers.
  • Pocket leakage, financial failure, stagnation and retardation.
  • Sudden death, sickness that defy treatment, dead organs in the body
  • Doing wrong business, jobs and living in accursed houses
  • Unusual heavy debt, loss of properties, etc.


  • Proper repentance, renunciation, confession and plea for mercy
  • Re-dedication unto the Lord
  • Spiritual cleansing by the word of God
  • Engage in prophetic warfare prayers against witchcraft operations, using the blood of Jesus
  • Go for thorough deliverance
  • Depart from sins and build yourself up in the Lord.


Do not fear (2 Tim. 1:7). Remember that we are commonwealth citizens of a kingdom that cannot be overcome (Heb. 12:28). Never mind that the witches operate an intelligent network; they gather strength through evil unity and receive attention from the devil or that they have representatives globally. The rich, the poor, babies, men and women are all members. They meet in forests, rivers, seas, market places, even cemeteries. The Bible says in Isa. 8:9 & 10 “Associate yourselves, O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces. Take counsel together and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us”.


Song – “All power belongs to God

  • Every witchcraft power planning to destroy my ladder of destiny, die by fire in Jesus name
  • Every limitation placed upon my life by witchcraft powers, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  • Every witchcraft installation against my destiny right from childhood till now, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
  • Every witchcraft wall of resistance against my progress, be demolished in Jesus name.
  • Witchcraft SANCTIONS against my life be nullified by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
  • LEGISLATION of witchcraft fashioned against my advancement, be abolished in Jesus name.
  • Witchcraft death sentence passed against me unknowingly since birth, be revoked in Jesus name.
  • Witchcraft prophesies, predictions and their expected manifestations about my life, be nullified in Jesus name.
  • Covenants entered into by my ancestors/parents with witchcraft on my behalf, be broken in Jesus name.
  • Witchcraft nets and coverings cast over my benefits, burn to ashes in Jesus name.
  • Witchcraft burial of benefits and breakthroughs, be reversed in Jesus name.
  • Any witchcraft material in my spirit, soul and body, come out by fire in Jesus name.
  • Organization of witchcraft against my destiny break down and scatter in Jesus name.
  • You witchcraft agents attacking my life, die by fire in Jesus name.
  • Witchcraft banks, release my caged properties in Jesus name (be saying, release them in Jesus name)
  • Witchcraft plantation in my life, burn by fire in Jesus name.
  • Every witchcraft power in charge of my case, die by fire in Jesus name.
  • All witchcraft arrows, fashioned against my spirit, soul and body, backfire by fire in Jesus name.
  • Every midnight witchcraft attack on my life, be nullified in Jesus name.
  • All witchcraft weapons fashioned against me, paralyze in Jesus name.
  • Witchcraft operations against me, in the water, on mountain, star, moon, sun, inside the trees, on the earth, fail woefully in Jesus name.
  • O! Lord, according to Isa. 42:13 Stir up jealously like man of war    against witchcraft power attacking me unknowingly in Jesus name.
  • All manners of bewitchment affecting my life, die now in Jesus name.
  • All witchcraft obstacles and hindrances on my road to success be removed by the East wind of God in Jesus name.
  • Any organ in my body that has been exchanged for another through witchcraft operations, be restored, in Jesus name.
  • My head/eyes/hands/legs/internal organs, be loosed from witchcraft bewitchment and bondage in Jesus name. (repeat for your work/marriage/Husband/Wife/Children/Finances)
  • Any witchcraft bird flying for my sake, be roasted by fire in Jesus name.
  • Let the throne of household witchcraft against me, be located and destroyed by the thunder of God in Jesus name.
  • You the stronghold of witchcraft affecting my life scatter beyond redemption in Jesus name.(repeat “scatter by fire in Jesus name”).
  • Every witchcraft means of transportation burn by fire in Jesus name.
  • All evil agents ministering on the altar of witchcraft against me, die by fire in Jesus name.

Jesus Is Lord.


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