Isa. 28:15; Isa. 28:18; 2 Cor. 3:6; Mark 14:24; Heb. 13:20; Heb. 12 24; Ps. 94:11.

What is evil covenant?

This is an agreement between two or more parties, bounded together by evil powers and monitoring satanic spirits.

Evil covenant is a covenant between Man and Satan (Hell and Death). Isa. 28:18


  • Evil foundational covenant
  • Inherited evil covenant
  • Forced covenant through dream
  • Conscious evil covenant
  • Unconscious evil covenant (This can be initiated by witchcraft powers without your consent)


  • Through blood
  • Through sex
  • Marital covenant
  • Through food, whether in the dream or in real life by witchcraft powers or agents.
  • Through carrying evil sacrifices – to the river, T-junction, Under the tree etc.
  • Covenant can be formed in the dream


  • It is formed by at least 2 parties, but they could be more
  • It is binding whether you are aware of it or not
  • There are powers that are backing this covenant to enforce it
  • There is always a sign or token to establish a covenant
  • Except you break this covenant with the word of God and violent prayers; it remains
  • It makes people enter into unconscious agreements through life activities that look harmless
  • The devil has re-packaged the initiation process for covenant to look very attractive.


  • Covenant with idol
  • Covenant with water
  • Covenant with land
  • Covenant with witchcraft
  • Covenant with triangular powers (Sun, Moon and Stars)
  • Covenant with occultic agents
  • Covenant with masquerades
  • Covenant with kola nut or bitter kola
  • Covenant with particular food items e.g. Okro
  • Covenant with marine spirit
  • Covenant with rock spirit
  • Covenant with spirit husband/wife
  • Covenant with trees
  • Covenant with evil spirits and powers at cross-roads


  • Surrender your life to Jesus
  • Identify the source of the problem
  • Reject evil covenant
  • Renounce the evil covenant
  • Determine to get out of the evil covenant
  • Prayerfully break the evil covenant by praying aggressively
  • Confess the word of God regularly
  • Live a life of regular fasting.
  • Pray regularly on your foundation
  • Undergo deliverance
  • Be filled with the Holy Ghost
  • Avoid eating and drinking carelessly.


  1. Every ancestral evil covenant working against my life, by the blood of Jesus break in Jesus name.
  2. Every hidden evil covenant operating in my life, I renounce you, I reject you and I command you to break now in Jesus name.
  3. Every trans-generational covenant, terminate in my life in Jesus name.
  4. Any evil covenant that has been forced to enter through dream or my ignorance, break in Jesus name.
  5. Any covenant between me and powers of Water, Rock, Sun, Moon etc. break in Jesus name.
  6. Covenant between me and any idol/evil spirit, break in Jesus name.
  7. Covenant between me and spirit wife/husband, break in Jesus name.
  8. Any evil covenant from my land of nativity affecting my glory and life, break by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
  9. Evil covenant in the foundation of the house where am living right now or I have ever lived, affecting my progress and life, break in Jesus name.
  10. Any power backing up evil covenant in my life, die in Jesus name.
  11. Every dark law enforcement agency enforcing evil covenant in my life and family, die in Jesus name.
  12. Every hidden and unknown covenant troubling my destiny, in the name of Jesus I break you now
  13. Thank God for victory in Jesus name. Amen


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