Pst Wole' prayer- Parliament Marriage-Restoration


Psalm 126; Joel 2 v 25 – 27

You have been doing your work, father perfect your work
You have been doing your work in my life, father perfect your work.


  1. Thank God for all that He has done and what He will still do in Jesus name.
  2. Every damage done to my marriage through my own carelessness, turn to blessings in Jesus name.
  3. Strange problems imported into my marriage, go back to your sender in Jesus name.
  4. Spiritual salt of the Holy Spirit, be poured upon the source and foundation of my marriage in Jesus name.
  5. I claim the GRACE AND FAVOUR of my husband/wife and all my in- laws in Jesus name.
  6. O Lord, touch the heart of my husband/wife in Jesus name.
  7. Our ……………….be restored in Jesus name.

– Companionship Joy,
          –        Romance & Peace Joy,
          –        Intimacy & Closeness Joy,
          –        Prayer Altar Joy,
          –        Financial & Investment Joy,
          –        Social & Relationship Joy,
          –        Spiritual & Fellowship Joy,
          –        Understanding Joy,
          –        Agreement Joy,
          –        Togetherness Joy,
          –        Oneness Joy,
          –        Love and Health Joy,


  • Thank God for all that He has done
  • Sow a seed towards marriage perfection
  • See trusted marriage counsellor, a doctor (where necessary), a nutritionist (where necessary), a deliverance pastor, a Sex counsellor (where necessary)
  • Go on Holidays/Retreat together
  • Read books on Healthy Family Life


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