In 2002, I travelled to the Republic of Ireland to have my baby. I already had 5 children. After a while, my husband sent the other 5 children to me, with the promise to join us in a year’s time, but that never happened. Instead, he kept coming to visit us and everything was going on fine. In 2010, my children and I applied for the Irish citizenship which normally takes 3 years. Shortly after that, a strange woman entered my home in Nigeria and my husband warned me never to come back home again, but I came to Lagos all the same, only to find that he had locked me out of our home. Because of this, my aunty brought me to CLAM in 2012 and I got an appointment with our Father and Mother-in-the-Lord; they prayed for me and told me to go for a 3-day deliverance programme. After the deliverance, I learnt that my uncle who had been the strongman in my father’s house was seriously sick and had confessed all the atrocities he committed against the family. Also, his 5 shrines were burnt down.

In 2013, my children were granted their full citizenship but I was denied because I was no longer staying permanently in Ireland. However, Daddy (Pastor Wole Oladiyun) kept praying for me that God would break protocol for my sake. Last year, the Irish government re-enacted the law and made it possible to become a citizen after 6 months of applying. I anointed my documents and re-applied and I was awarded the citizenship. I also thank God because He has settled my home as the strange woman has fled. Praise the Lord –

Mrs. Florence Ahmed.



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