• Ps. 128 v 1- 6

v.1 “Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways.”

v.2 “For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.”

v.3 “Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.”

v.4 “Behold, that thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the LORD.”

v.5 “The LORD shall bless thee out of Zion: and thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem all the days of thy life.”

v.6 “Yea, thou shalt see thy children’s children, and peace upon Israel.”

  • Isa. 3 v 10

“Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.”

  • Eccl. 5 v 18-19

v.18 “Behold that which I have seen: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life, which God giveth him: for it is his portion.”

v.19 “Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth, and hath given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labour; this is the gift of God.”


Ps. 128 v 2

“For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee”.

Song:            It shall be well with me, thus saith the Lord of hosts.


Isa. 65 v 21-23; Prov. 14 v 23 “In all labour there is profit” Prov. 13 v 11; Amos 9 v 14-15.

There is profit for every labour. When a farmer goes to farm and he begins to plant, that is labour. At the fullness of time, depending on the type of crop he is expecting to harvest abundant yields. And when he begins to sell he is making good profit and he is happy. Is not it so?

I prophesy   –   The power for you to enjoy the fruit of labour, receive that power in the name of Jesus. You will not labour in vain.

Receive power to enjoy all the goodies that the Lord has given unto me in Jesus mighty name. Amen

As a student, you go to school (thank God for the Sister that just finished (concluded) her masters) degree programme. You know how many midnight’s candles you burnt. How many books. How much investment went into acquiring the certificate? But before acquiring certificate, student prepares, attend the lectures and write tests. At the end of the semester (or term) you are expected to write exams. If the student gets into the exam hall and he blanks out or he faints he has laboured in vain. But you will not labour in vain.

Yesterday I did mention the case of Boko Haram some coppers were wasted in the north. Their parents laboured to send them to school. When they were going from nursery to primary to secondary to the university to the point of graduation Boko Haram did not strike them. But when parents have now relaxed and they are waiting for their children to return from where they have gone for NYSC for those children to begin to make money, earn salaries and began to return dividends to parents, Boko Haram struck, such parents have laboured in vain.

But for you and I and everyone watching on the net, you will not labour in vain in the name of Jesus Christ.

So also when investment is made on children (the emotional investment, financial investment, and physical investment) are made on children and they go into wrong marriages (investments perish).

When a child gets into wrong home or wrong marriage or wrong family, the parents of such child (except we pray this kind of prayers we are praying today) that parents will have aches till he/she lays his sword at the feet of the master. But I don’t know maybe you are here you are witnessing such. This morning, I speak into your realm and into the realm of your family that the Lord will arrest the arresters in the name of Jesus. And the Lord will set your children free in the name of Jesus Christ.

Business men especially those in private enterprises or you are a career person. You labour, you do not exceed deadlines. You are prompt, you don’t come late to work, you close late, all your records are straight and when it is time for promotion, they jump over you and look for somebody who is lazy. That is labouring in vain. If you are here this morning you are under that same oppression, that same plague, I speak by the word of the Lord who has given this message that, that plagues stops now in the name of Jesus Christ.

You are into private businesses, you know when you are the arrow head, your sleep is limited you are always thinking, attending seminars, investing money and time. Even the money you should use at home, you invested it. But if one has (or employs) wrong workers who wants to eat more than the owner of the business, who creates artificial barrier between the owner of the business and the clients, that person is labouring in vain.

You are a Doctor, your nurses tell your patients receive my phone number you don’t need to come to the hospital just call me I will come and give you malaria injection at home. The Doctor needs to pay rents, and needs to put the generator to run, but there are some nurses who pretend to be Doctors. Thus, hijack the blessing that should come to the hospital.

Remember, a story once told, a man invested heavily in earth-moving equipment, and his storekeeper connived with some marketers, and they began to……. When anybody comes to buy, they would say “Oga” look this is the amount officially (company price) but you see, you can give me just 2 Million and it would not have receipt, then we will deliver it. So, they will allow trickle, just few people to pay into the company. And when they want to go and deliver the equipment, they will call from the store the equipment that they sold on their own (unreceipted order). And before the owner of the business will know, the store house is empty. As big as earth moving equipment are, people are still crafty. Any business man facing this type of situation, by the word of the Lord that has given this assignment, I decree and declare that such fake workers, the Lord will chase them away. And you will not labour in vain.

You are married. You have been married for some time now perhaps you are getting to the middle age or you are passed middle age. You laboured and suffered with your spouse. Now, wealth has arrived but no longer beautiful. You don’t even know how to walk in the house. There is nothing that you do that is right. In fact you are too old fashioned to be seen with him. And so the man goes out looking for sweet sixteen, is it interesting?. It is hearts rendering so many married women are getting mad because of that. They are been rejected and abandoned; they have been tagged never-do-wells. So, right in their faces, their husbands are squandering money and they are pained and they are crying “Lord, when will my salvation come” – Today, I announce that salvation comes to your marriage, healing comes to your homes in the name of Jesus Christ.

You have laboured over your children. Suddenly the children’s back are turned against you. They now see you as witches and wizard. They now see you as bad daddy, you are never there. But today, I want to say that your labour shall not go down the drain in the name of Jesus Christ. You will not labour for another to eat in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Halleluyah!

Everyone wants to read and pass exams. Everyone wants to do good business and make gains because there is profit in labour. Everyone wants to get married and have beautiful children, peaceful marriage. Everyone wants to see his or her children and grand children as we read in Psalms 128.

Everyone wants to put up beautiful building. Everyone wants to live in good health, fulfil one’s days. These are the desires of God for our lives. Halleluyah!

Now, have you not even heard before, have not you even seen how people labour and right at the edge or at the edge of entering into their Rehoboth they are wiped away?

Have not you seen when people labour? and labour? You were raised by parents that were word setters, raised by parents that work on site as labourers; they carry head pans in the morning and earn N500 at the end of the day and that same amount is what they used to train the children. But just when the children are getting ready or just when they ascend their thrones of destiny such parent dies; it’s labouring without result.

Yesterday, I gave an example of a woman who had travelled far and wide with her husband in political campaign and the man became the governor. And few months into their tenure the woman passed on.

I want you to jump to your feet – (l’ Oruko Jesu mio ni sise sonu). In the name of Jesus I would not labour in vain. I would not build for another to inhabit, I will not plant for another to eat. I will not labour in vain, I will not build for another to inhabit, I will build and I will inhabit in the name of Jesus.

A Pastor gave us a prayer [point yesterday – my Moses, my Joseph is alive. Do you know when Joseph sent to Jacob that he should be brought to Egypt, do you know how many Camels, Donkeys, and wagons he sent to bring his father? Halleluyah!

Our governors have parents. I know the president mother is still alive. Whatever we say about him, his mother is still the mother of the president of a nation.

You are going to pray, in the name of Jesus I will not labour in vain. When I should be enjoying, my position will not be vacant, when I should begin to harvest, my position will not be vacant.

I want you to begin to pray for your children, if you don’t have now, I know you are still going to have because the word of God tells me that your children will surround your table. Begin to mention your children names – your destiny will not be aborted. You my children, my investment upon you will not go down the drain. Your destiny will not be emptied by marriage. The investment of God in your life will not go down the drain. When you ascend your throne of destiny, you will not be cut short. I will be much around to celebrate God in your life. My labour over my children will not be wasted. The Lord has said to me I would build and I will inhabit. O! Lord, I receive power to enjoy that which you have given to me.

There are people, the Lord has blessed, they are very rich, wealthy. But there is a but in their lives. They live with sickness and disease. They have money but from morning to night there is no peace, there is no soundness in their lives.

You are going to pray, Diseases will not spoil my labour. Sickness and diseases will not spoil my investment. Sickness and diseases will not harvest my joy.

Some people, it is their payback time that they witness crisis, some people, it is when it is there season of reward that they suffer hatred, delay, disturbances, quarrels. You are labouring in that organisation and they know it, your boss himself knows it, but it does not just even occur to him to give you your due reward. Today, I have come to prophesy, the Lord has asked me to speak into your life that as you are labouring you will eat of the fruit of your labour. As you are labouring you will not eat that labour in sickness and diseases in the name of Jesus.

Peradventure you are here, you have suffered wastages that is why because of you God has put Amos Chapter 9 in the Bible. In verses 14 and 15. He says “I will bring again the captivity of my people and they shall build the waste cities and inhabit them”. Whatsoever wastage you have suffered, today receive anointing to re-build, receive anointing for restoration, receive anointing for recovery in the name of Jesus.

Amos 9 v 14-15. Have you been uprooted from that position? You know there are strange hands working underneath. They pull you down out of that position. From the top you were just dropped suddenly and you became a shadow of yourself, I have good news for you (Halleluyah).

If you are here, you have been chased out of your garden (your marital garden, your financial garden). A strange woman has entered into your house and has captured your spouse, the word of the Lord has come onto you from the book of Amos 9:15. The Lord is going to plant you back.

You see, I will always give the testimony of one of our sons in the Lord. He submitted quotation (just like that brother said he submitted quotation). He quoted for a project. After many years, he waited and waited but he later discovered that his proposals were being duplicated and submitted by other people to take that contract. A day came, a word came from this altar that the Lord is going to bring overturning and overturning and it shall be given to him whose right is it and that word worked for him. This morning, are you positioned? are you properly aligned with the spirit of the living God? The man was called upon suddenly that he should come, that the contract has clicked, but anyone who knows you in this nation, who is your referee? He said “Sir, check the proposal it’s there” ok. As soon as the man picked the caller said “Hello, do you know this company “XY HolyGhosized” Oh, yes I know him “don’t you know him, he has done several works for us and his work is faultless and so I recommend him. The man said “O! You know him alright and he said (i.e. our own brother here). “There are still other referees” he said “No, this one is enough”. That person that your destiny is waiting for, for validation so that you occupy that land of destiny. Let the Lord locate that person strategically for your lifting, for your reward, for your gain, for your profiting in the name of Jesus.

Strategic positioning for reward, what if that man called and this other man at the end did not pick the call? Today his story has changed and that testimony will give birth to other testimonies. It shall not be manipulated in the name of Jesus Christ. It is done for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.

That person that has stolen the heart of your spouse the Lord will bring divine confusion between him and her and you will recover your marriage.

Say, “I will recover my marriage, whatever the enemy has stolen from me; I will recover in the name Jesus Christ.

Say “Anointing of recovery fall upon me by fire. It’s not only husband/wife. There are some people the devil has stolen the heart of their children and so they don’t remember them (parents) anymore. The parents genuinely laboured but somebody somewhere just came. And that’s why I pity wives who get married to promising men and suddenly they now bring separation between their spouses and their siblings and parents. Please remember that man (it is true that your husband must leave to cleave) but remember he has people whom he has lived with 30 years or 40 years before he met you. So you cannot just come and put asunder. Whatever you give to your parents, send to your in-laws. Whatever you make happen for your sibling remember your spouse also has siblings. So don’t sit on it and eat everything. Anyone who has stolen the hearts of your children and you are languishing and suffering today, let the Lord touch their hearts.

Now, receive anointing to recover. Say “I recover all that I have lost to the devil in the name of Jesus Christ”.

Let me say it the other way; if you are a man,

you marry a promising daughter from a family, you now sit on that woman’s destiny. You are milking her and you want to run her dry so that she would not be useful to her own family. May the Lord give you heart of repentance. That is not in package of covenant of marriage. The two of you should be blessings to your siblings, and to your family members and let them bless the name of the Lord for your lives and families.

Now when you notice that someone labours and his harvest is given back to another one there is need to pray. When you see that every effort that one makes is not rewarded, you need to pray this prayer. When you discover that rewards are given to those who did not work as hard as you are; You never exceed deadlines and yet rewards are given to those who did not work, you need to pray. If you discover that the spouses you labour with don’t see anything good about you anymore when wealth comes you need to pray. When you have negative dreams of losses after hard labour you need to pray. Say “I will not labour in vain” my rewards will not go into pockets with holes.

When you falls sick its pocket with holes because it is devourer. Terrible sicknesses during reward time are pocket with holes because what is sweet about Nivaquine? What is sweet about drugs? Nothing. But because the body needs to be in perfect shape. The money keeps going there. But that will not be yours in the name of Jesus.

When one’s work is gulping money instead of yielding profit you need to pray. When you have crisis in old age when you should be resting and relaxing there is need to pray because one’s harvest is not maximised. When there is crisis in old age, can you fast? can you do 40days, 3days, 7days dry fasting? I reject crisis in old age. I reject crisis in old age when I should be relaxing and enjoying my harvest. I reject crisis in the name of Jesus.

Now, what do you do when you notice all these things? Sit down and take stock of your life. Are you genuinely born again? If you are not genuinely born again when storm comes it will waste the harvest. But underline the word genuinely born-again.

Yesterday, I gave this scripture and I want you all to go there: John 3 v 3-5.

People have been passing by this street and they have been seeing what God is doing but it’s a different thing when they comes in and enters this church and look around “what a beautiful place, I will be fellowshipping here”.

You see, when you give your life to Christ you become a living soul. You are no more ordinary dust for the serpent to feed upon and your labour will not go down the drain provided you are born of water (the water there is the word of God) you keep drinking the word and the word is changing you from glory to glory. All the works of the flesh you are dropping them one by one. The fruit of the spirit is growing inside of you: Patience, love, gentleness, kindness, meekness, some people waste their harvest because of impatience. Do you know that? They say “I am getting old and so I need to marry; any man that comes whether he is ALFA, whether it’s a married man who already has 5 wives. I don’t mind let me just have babies; impatience, compromise.

The bible says except the man is born of the spirit, the spirit of God is the one that quickens us; he gives us grace on daily basis you must soak yourself in the word if you want to enter. So when you see the Kingdom (watching a film and the man said when he get to a particular place that the gates one gate leads to the left another gate leads to the right. People on their own accord were just going into the left as if tipper offloading sand but on the right very few people. Sometimes in whole day, one person will pass to the right. And so what qualifies you to enter? What positions you strategically, to eat, to build and to occupy; is that you have the word of God in you and you have the spirit of the Lord. You will not only make it here on earth, you will make it through to heaven.

Are you here, you are born-again but please remember that scripture. Are you feeding in the word of the Lord? Are your robes white? Are you being cleansed by the blood of the Lamb?  Are you walking daily in the crucified?


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