• Mathew 13 v 25

“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way”

  • Numbers 12 v 6

“And he said, hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.”

  • Acts 2 v 16 – 17

v.16 “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel”

v.17 “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:”

  • Job 33 v 14 – 16

v.14 “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.”

v.15 “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed;”

v.16 “Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction”

  • Genesis 28 v 10 – 16,
  • Genesis 37 v 4 – 11



“For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.  In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed: Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction” Job 33 v 14 – 16



The dream channel is a medium created by God, designed to pass information to us His children.

Every beneficial invention that mankind has ever come-up with, is mostly received through the dream channel.  But just like every good thing God created, satan has perfected the art of polluting human destinies by planting evil seeds in peoples lives through the medium of dreams.  Mathew 13 v 25 says “but while man slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way”.

The devil sows evil seeds into people’s lives through dreams in order to limit their success and breakthrough in life.  Whether you believe it or not, your dreams will affect your progress for good or bad.

Beloved, there is more to dreams than our sentiments, feelings, sensual assessment and judgment can fathom.  I pray God will open your eyes of understanding as we journey along on the subject in Jesus name.

Dreams are spiritual media through which we receive information about happenings in the spirit realm.  Through a dream, the glorious destiny of Jesus was preserved when God appeared to Joseph in a dream. Mathew 2 v 13.  God assured Joseph of Mary’s purity – Mathew 1 v 20, and told him to return to Nazareth – Mathew 2 v 19 – 23, all through Dreams.  The wise men were warned of Herod’s plot against the Baby Jesus through a dream, Mathew 2 v 12.

God revealed Joseph’s destiny and future to him through dreams, Genesis 37 v 2 – 11.  Through a dream, Solomon had a divine encounter that announced him to his world.  1 King 3 v 5 – 15.  The devil sows evil seeds into people’s lives through dreams right from infancy in order to limit their success and breakthroughs in life.

These evil dreams grow with them through the years making them experience untold hardship and setbacks physically, maritally, financially etc.

The devil has successfully done this by taking advantage of people’s sheer ignorance of the victory Jesus won for them at Calvary.

In Numbers 12 v 6, it is established that God can speak to you in a dream.  God means what He says, and says what He means.

In Genesis 28 v 10 – 16, Jacob’s future blue prints were read out to him by God in a dream.  The story of Jacob shows that God can make a meaning out of a life in a mess, God can come to you in your dream and give you solutions.

In Genesis 37 v 4 – 11, Joseph dreamt a dream, this dream guarded Joseph’s journey in life, when he was in the pit, he knew that, that position was contrary to what he saw, the Almighty communicates to us through dreams.

FACTS ABOUT DREAMS – Acts 2 v 16- 17

  • The scriptures make us to know that there will be Holy Ghost inspired dreams.
  • Dreams are a revelation to man of happenings in the Spirit realm.
  • Dreams are part and parcel of our living.
  • Dreams can come in form of coded messages or in plain/direct form.
  • Dreams are experienced universally in our sleep, irrespective of colour, race, religion, gender, age etc…
  • You can have mighty breakthroughs through dreams.
  • Dreams are God’s own idea.
  • Dreams are Spiritual phenomenon.
  • Dreams are mysteries that an ordinary mind cannot fathom
  • Dreams are spiritual monitors.
  • Dreams are means of revelation.
  • Through dreams, God can convey to you the plans of your enemies.
  • Dreams are prophetic channels of God pouring out His power upon His people.
  • You must have your own personal Josephic dreams, where God will show you the blue print of your life, if you want an outstanding breakthrough.
  • Your personal “Joseph dreams” allow you to see your future.
  • Your “Joseph dream” is the heavenly picture of your life.
  • What you are supposed to be but you have not been.
  • The video film of your correct life as recorded in heaven.
  • Your divine goal planted in your spirit.
  • Your divine destination on planet earth.
  • The mountain top, from where you can see your destiny afar.
  • The light to see in the valley of difficulty.
  • Your “Joseph dream” will make you discover the treasures in the market place of life.
  • Your dream can chart your way, guide your steps and reveal critical information to you.
  • Every dream has a message.
  • You must reject negative dreams.
  • Due to ignorance, many have disregarded their dreams – Hosea 4 v 6a
  • Dream is a part of God’s strategic promise for the end timeJoel 2 v 28
  • You have a responsibility in fulfilling your God-given dreams.

WHY DO WE DREAM –   Gen. 28 v 10 – 16

  • When you are confused and need direction.
  • When the enemies are against you.
  • When you are bombarded with household wickedness.
  • When people are cheating and defrauding you unjustly.
  • When you know that you are a king without a crown and a palace.
  • When you notice that where you are is not the place you should be
  • When you lack information from heaven about your destiny.
  • When the future looks very bleak.
  • When going forward is a problem.
  • When and if you want to win in the battle of life.


  1. Dreams that add to you – i.e. advancement dreams orchestrated by God, to move your destiny forward for divine fulfilment.
  2. Dreams that subtract from you – these are destiny demoting dreams, orchestrated by the devil.
  3. Dreams that leave you the same way they meet you i.e. put your life in neutral gear.
  4. Dreams that empty you completely.
  5. Dreams that catapult you/destiny to greater heights.
  6. Dreams that waste you, waste virtues, a good example of this, is manipulative dreams.  Manipulative dreams are destiny demoting dreams, that subject one to negative spiritual control, thereby causing one’s destiny to retrogress or even become painfully stagnated.  You must strongly pray against these dreams and not take them for granted.


  1. Makes for costly mistakes
  2. Brings demotion
  3. Brings denial of rights
  4. Sponsors evil addiction
  5. Makes a person dangerously useless
  6. Fosters demonic sicknesses that defies medication.
  7. Makes one loose/miss good opportunities.
  8. Fosters financial imbalance
  9. Fosters Stagnancy
  10. Fosters slow achievement, barrenness etc.

Breakthrough Prayers


  1. Divine breakthrough dreams are dreams of blessings.
  2. Divine breakthrough dreams are destiny fast-forwarding dreamsGen. 28
  3. Divine breakthrough dreams are dreams of instruction, dreams that make for productivity.
  4. Divine breakthrough dreams are warning dreams that make for safety, direction, divine intervention e.t.c
  5. Divine breakthrough dreams are informative dreams, that ensure proper foreknowledge of the future. Gen. 46 v 1 – 4; Acts 27 v 22 – 26
  6. Divine breakthrough dreams are restorative dreamsGen. 40 v 6 – 13, 20 – 21 as initiated by God.
  7. Divine breakthrough dreams are prophetic dreamsGen. 37 v 5 – 7, that give prophecies about future events
  8. Divine breakthrough dreams are secret revealing dreamsDan. 2 v 1 – 49.  These dreams are to glorify the power of God.


  1. Believe in your Dream – Thank God for it, claim it, value it, share it with people who have the gifts of interpretation and encourage it.
  2. Take a spiritual step to acknowledge receipt, by sowing a seed towards it. 1 Kings 3 v 15
  3. Take a physical step by actually doing what you saw yourself doing in the dream.
  4. Go to a prophet with your dream and a seed. The sowing will help you navigate your way into manifestation.

Beloved, learn to nurture your divine breakthrough dreams, soak your good dreams with adequate progress and care.  Isaiah 66 v 9 encourage us, that He who has given the vision will bring it to pass in Jesus name.

Victory through Dreams


  1. O! Lord my father, show me the secrets of my life in Jesus name.
  2. Holy Spirit, show me myself in Jesus name.
  3. My father, according to your word in Jeremiah 33 v 3 show me the secrets behind every trouble in my life in Jesus name.
  4. Holy Spirit, show me beneficial secrets that will move my life forward in Jesus name.
  5. Holy Spirit, show me solutions to my problems and challenges in Jesus name.
  6. Jesus, show me what I need to know about my future/tomorrow.
  7. Holy Spirit reveal/show me my environment in Jesus name.
  8. Holy Spirit, give me information about people around me in Jesus name.
  9. According to Isaiah 25 v 7, scales of darkness, fall from my eyes, break to pieces in Jesus name.
  10. O! God arise, expose every unfriendly friend, every wolf in sheep’s clothing, around my life now and in the future in Jesus name.
  11. Dreams that will change my life for the better, manifest now in Jesus name.
  12. My Josephic dreams, hear the Word of the Lord, manifest in Jesus name.
  13. Dreams of destiny failure in my life, die in Jesus name.
  14. My virtues stolen in the dream, in the name of Jesus, I recover them.
  15. Every operation of demotion in my dreams, die in Jesus name.
  16. Powers from the pit of hell, summoning my name before a dark mirror, die in Jesus name.
  17. Powers attacking my dreams, die in Jesus name.
  18. Stubborn invisible powers, troubling my life in my dreams, die in Jesus name.
  19. Evil deposits in my life through dreams, now affecting my breakthroughs, drain out by fire in Jesus name.
  20. Repeated satanic dreams attached to my breakthroughs, by the blood of Jesus, be canceled in Jesus name.
  21. Anointing for victory in my dreams falls on me in Jesus name.
  22. Good dreams in my life, manifest now in Jesus name.
  23. Breakthrough provoking dreams, manifest in my life in Jesus name.


  1. This is wonderful, God bless and continue to strenghten you sir.

    Sir, I want ask a question. You wrote that dream can also come in form of a coded message.

    I want to know sir, how to know if it is a coded message, and also how to decode it.

    Thank you and God bless you sir…


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