1 Sam. 2:3; 2 Chronicles 1:10; Isa. 11:2; Job 32:8; Prov. 1:5; Prov. 2:6


“The spirit of the Lord is upon me, by the inspiration of the Almighty I shall receive understanding.  I receive wisdom from God to do well in my academics, and I shall excel in Jesus name”.  Job 32:8 {KJV}


Knowledge wisdom and understanding are of God and everyone under the sun needs a good combination of these to maximize potentials of the brain and mind.  It is the divine will of God for students under one form of tutelage or the other from primary school through the tertiary institutions up to the professional level to do well.  Wisdom brings creativity and knowledge establishes that which has been created.

God is interested in Baptizing students with that anointing to understand what they are being taught and to be able to effectively communicate it into something meaningful and beneficial.

When the hand of the Lord is upon that brain, the Holy Spirit will bring into remembrance all that had been taught even at the level of examination or wherever the need arises. A student who studies well enough is assured of success and excellence by the inspiration and help of the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Paul was a student of Gamaliel who was a Doctor of Law.  After his conversion, the knowledge of the Law Saul had become a good instrument in the pursuance and fulfillment of Apostle Paul’s purpose of taking the gospel even to the gentiles (He knew the law but also discovered that Salvation is not by law but by grace)

Failure of students at times could be as a result of witchcraft manipulation.  We have cases of students who are academically vibrant, but experience failure at the level of examination.

Some students are not just able to go beyond a particular level of performance which puts a limit on what they can achieve academically.

God by his great and mighty power wants to change that situation for better.  As you pray these prayers, God will baptize you afresh for academic excellence in Jesus name.

Anointing, fall on me x2ce
Let the power of the Holy Ghost
Fall on me
Anointing, fall on me


  1. Thank God for how far he has helped you in your academic pursuits.
  2. I receive fresh baptism for success in my academics in Jesus name.
  3. I received strength by the Holy Spirit to move forward and upward in my academics in Jesus name.
  4. O! Lord, by the anointing of fire, baptize me for witty invention and creativity in Jesus name.
  5. Every arrow of failure fired against me; I command you to backfire by fire in Jesus name.
  6. Evil deposits in my head region affecting my ability to acquire and retain knowledge, drain out by fire in Jesus name.
  7. Negative family pattern of academic retardation that my life is taking after, I reject and terminate that evil pattern in my life in Jesus name.
  8. O! Lord, make me a student with a teachable spirit in Jesus name.
  9. Any power that wants to or is already using any of my teachers as an agent of frustration against me, you that power, die by fire in Jesus name.
  10. Any decision that is programmed to derail me from the purpose of God for me as a student, I reject and cancel you in Jesus name.
  11. Please Lord, give me the wisdom to know the meaning and purpose of my life and learning, so that my knowledge, understanding and skills may help to make this world a better place, for your greater glory in Jesus name.
  12. O! Lord, Guide the beginning of my work, direct its progress, and bring it to successful completion in Jesus name
  13. In the name of Jesus, I ask for a sharp sense of understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally in Jesus name.
  14. By your help and mercy O Lord, I shall not join league with the perpetrators of exam malpractices in Jesus name.
  15. Any agent of darkness in my school that has been mandated to use my brain to excel, leaving me to struggle to even get a pass mark, you that agent, receive fire in Jesus name.
  16. I am a candidate for excellence, any manipulation by my enemies to make me just an average student, I reject that manipulation in Jesus name.
  17. My father in heaven, grant me the grace and strength to undergo my academic training and tutelage in righteousness and the fear of God in Jesus name.
  18. Any programme of hell to enslave me by the knowledge I acquire as a student, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
  19. I reject corporate failure in Jesus name.
  20. The Lord shall perfect that which concerns me, because his mercies endures forever; He shall not forsake me, for I am the work of his hands.

Remember, every knowledge that exalts itself above the knowledge of Christ must be brought into total subjection to the will of the most high God.

Thank God for answered prayers.



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