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Psalm 10 v 12
“Arise, O Lord, O God, lift up thine hand, forget not the humble.


To help is the prerogative of God. He alone can help absolutely without contention and controversy. Our God is still in the business of helping His children out of challenges and problems.

Beloved, this world is a battle field and every man or woman has a battle to fight. A lot of people understand the battles they are fighting while some are completely ignorant of their battles. A lot of people have been reduced to casualties in the battles of life.

In Mark 4 v 35 – 39, our Lord Jesus Christ rebuked the wind, the sea and the wind had no option but to obey Him, because He is the creator of all the forces of nature.

Brethren, I want you to know and believe right early, that the same voice which spoke against the storm will speak against every storm in your life in Jesus name. Mark 4 v 39 says “And He arose and rebuked the wind” I say to you, in the name of Jesus concerning what you are going through, God will arise for you.

There are several situations of life, which can be classified as battles of life. Battles vary much in their intensity. Battles differ and your warfare does not assume the same dimension at all times, but whatever the case, you need divine intervention and help, you need God to arise for your help.

No man is exempted from the battles of life, infact there is no escape for any mortal born of a woman. Whether you expect it or not, storms and battles of life will come.


1. Because the storms and battles of life do not give prior warning to anyone before they strike.
2. The storms of life differ with individuals i.e. the manner in which the storms manifest themselves differ from one person to the other.
3. The storms and battles of life do not discriminate between the rich and the poor or the illiterate and the literate.
4. When the battles of life come against you, friends and family will become helpless in helping you, infact they may worsen your case.
5. Battles and storms of life can make you bitter if God does not intervene.
6. Age or experience cannot shield you from the battles or storms of life i.e. the young people as well as old men and women have their own share of the battles of life.
Beloved, for your life to have meaning, you need to cry unto God for Him to arise for your sake.


1. Those who want to sing a NEW SONG at all cost.
2. Those who are constantly being challenged by dark powers continuously.
3. Those having re-occurring negative dreams aborting their goodness
4. Those suffering from FREQUENT ABORTION of goodness.
5. Those who have never risen up before.
6. Those who have been operating in the tail end of life.
7. Those whose lives don’t attract goodness
8. Those whose destines don’t retain good things.
9. Those having Acute and Unexplainable frequent disappointment, same pattern over the year.
10. Those under occultic Manipulation.
11. Those experiencing Terrible spiritual attacks
12. Those having Un-abated terrible destiny-demoting dreams
13. Those having Prolonged court cases, Sibling rivalry, Sickness, Labour without results
14. Those experiencing pregnancy being tied down
15. Those having repeated Examination Failure
16. Those having Promotional Manipulation
17. Those who have Overstayed in a wrong place
18. Those who have Talents but not being recognised for long.
19. Those experiencing delay concerning the Fruit of the womb.
20. Those dancing around in circles for too long
21. Those having Terrible monitoring and trailing spirits on rampage
22. Those with stubborn Parental Wickedness sponsoring embargo on Marriage, Prosperity and Health
23. Those having blockage anywhere they turn to
24. Those who have been made a laughing stock.
25. Those who want to experience mighty miracles.


1. In 2 Kings 8 v 3 – 6 – God arose for the Shunammite woman and restored her inheritance.
2. In 2 Kings 7 v 1 – 19 – God arose concerning the nation of Samaria and gave an abundance of food after a long period of famine.
3. In Numbers 27 v 1 – 11 – God arose concerning the children of Zelophehad, He gave them an inheritance and also amended the law of inheritance in Israel.
4. In Judges 11 v 1 – 11 – God arose regarding the case of Jephthah, a man that the battles of life had labelled an outcast, and made him a person to be reckoned with in his father’s family.
5. In 2 Chronicles 4 v 9 – God arose for Jabez.
6. In Acts 16 v 25 v 28 – Paul and Silas were released from prison miraculously.
7. In Acts 12 v 6 – 13 – God arose for Apostle Peter.
8. In Daniel 6 v 1 – 28 – God arose for Daniel.
Brethren, when God arises for a man, His beauty will be upon him as in Psalm 90 v 17. God will establish the work of your hand. He will open doors of blessing which no man can shut according to Revelation 3 v 8.


• His enemies are scattered
• The earth trembles
• The sea flees
• The mountains and the hills quake and skip like little lambs
• Jordan is driven back
• The Sun and the Moon stand still in their habitation
• The nations and kingdoms tremble and bow before Him
• The horse and the rider are thrown into the sea
• The heavens drop down plentiful rain and the dew
• Terror and amazement grip His enemies
• Confusion and commotion send the enemy into disarray
• Beauty is given for ashes, and the oil of joy for mourning
• The earth yields her increase
• Prison doors are opened
• Chains and shackles are broken
• The prisoners and captives are set free
• The victim becomes the victor
• Death is swallowed up in victory
• The Conquered becomes the conqueror
• Impossibility becomes possible
• The irreversible is reversed
• The predator (pursuer) himself becomes a prey
• The hungry lions become friendly and harmless
• The Fiery furnace becomes air-conditioned fire
• Pharaoh and his hosts are drowned in the Red Sea
• Streams appear in the desert
• The desert places blossom as the rose
• Miracle waters gush out of solid rocks
• All creation sings His praises
• He will clear off all barriers both in the spirit and physical realms, barriers that hitherto has hindered or prevented you from moving forward.
• He will make a way for you where men say there is no way.
• Your level will change
• Uncommon success will become your portion
• You will break new grounds
• You will experience breakthrough visitation
• People will be willing to help you
• Dis-favour and hatred will vamoose
• Delay will disappear
• People will favour and love you
• Promotion will overtake you
• Opposition will give way
• Your steps will lead to good success
• Your hands will have a “Midas touch”
• God will circulate your name for favour
• Stumbling blocks are removed
• You will become a testimony
• Your past pains will be completely erased from your memory.
• You will become a good reference point
• Your lost axe head will be recovered
• Marah water becomes sweet
• Doors of help and helpers will be opened


1. You must have a relationship with Him. You must BE GENUINELY BORN again.
2. You must obey God and His words
3. You must avoid sin at all cost, SIN IS A SINKER
5. I decree upon you even as you cry unto God to arise for you:
• God will arise and give you power to make wealth in Jesus name.
• God will arise for you and your helpers will remember and help you.
• God will settle your long-standing challenges.
• God will arise for your sake and heal you of all sicknesses.
• He will make all things work together for your good in Jesus name.
• He will turn the table against your sworn enemies in Jesus name.

Let my God arise, let my God arise /2ce
Come and help me, they are waiting
for my reproach oh
Let my God arise


1. Let God arise and Let all my enemies be scattered in Jesus name.
2. Let God arise and take over the battles of my life in Jesus name.
3. Let God arise and plead my cause with the that hate me in Jesus name.
4. Let God arise and give me quick justice and vindication in Jesus name.
5. Let God arise and draw me out of deep waters and quick-sand in Jesus name.
6. My father!!! Arise for my sake, let the world know that you are my God in the name of Jesus.
7. Enough is enough, Dark powers supervising my problems, die in Jesus name.
8. Every decree of darkness against my life, backfire in Jesus name.
9. Let God arise and save me from shame, reproach and disgrace in Jesus name.
10. Let God arise and break the bars of iron and the fetters of brass binding me in Jesus name.
11. Let God arise and break every spell, curse, jinx, evil covenant and enchantments working against me in Jesus name.
12. Let God arise and save me from those hunting for my life in Jesus name.
13. Let God arise and give me cheap, undeserved and permanent victory over my haters and persecutors in Jesus name.
14. Let God arise and deliver me from all besetting sins and habits in Jesus name.
15. Let God arise and set my spirit and soul on fire for God in Jesus name.
16. Let God arise and help me to conquer more territories for His glory in Jesus name.
17. Let God arise and touch my body and tongue with His heavenly fire in Jesus name.
18. Every evil gathering against my life scatter by fire in Jesus name.
19. Satanic Eyes monitoring my progress, receive blindness in Jesus name.
20. Every power, submitting my name to every coven, die in Jesus name.
21. Anger of God, arise and pursue my pursuers in Jesus name.
22. Let God arise and baptize me with Holy Ghost and fire in Jesus name.
23. Let God arise and anoint me for spectacular exploits in Jesus name.
24. Let God arise and give me a double portion of anointing this year in Jesus name.
25. Let God arise and give me a new song before the end of this year in Jesus name.
26. Let God arise and give me double glory for all my shame in Jesus name.
27. Let God arise and move me from labour to favour in Jesus name.
28. Let God arise and turn my story to glory in Jesus name.
29. Let God arise and turn my disgrace to grace in Jesus name.
30. Let God arise and turn all my struggles, ridicules and obstacles into miracles in Jesus name.
31. Let God arise and take me to greater heights in Jesus name.
32. My Blocked breakthrough, open by fire in Jesus name.
33. Altar of Demotion raised against my life, in Jesus name, scatter by fire.
34. Let God arise and make me an object of admiration and blessing in Jesus name.
35. Let God arise and bless me indeed and make me a blessing to those around me in Jesus name.
36. Let God arise and destroy all forms of worldliness, carnality and compromise in my life in Jesus name.
37. Let God arise and destroy lukewarmeness, prayerlessness and spiritual shallowness in my life in Jesus name.
38. Let God arise and visit my roots and foundation with fire in Jesus name.
39. Let God arise and carry out a foundational surgery in my life in Jesus name.
40. Let God arise and make me an addicted praiser of God in Jesus name.
41. Let God arise and make me a pillar in God’s house and God’s kingdom in Jesus name.
42. Let God arise and turn all my delayed, detained, denied and deflected blessings into delivered blessings in Jesus name.
43. Let God arise and give me all the blessings of Jubilee, release, restoration, recovery, rest and empowerment in Jesus name.
44. Let God arise and deliver this nation from all her woes and troubles in Jesus name.
45. Let God arise and lead Nigeria from the wilderness of Kadesh – Barnea into her Promised Land in Jesus name.
46. Blessed be Jehovah, the man of war, who has triumphed gloriously and hath given me the victory again and again in Jesus name.
47. Let God arise and let all His enemies be scattered in Jesus name.
48. Oh Lord my God, arise in your mercy and change my history in Jesus name.
49. Oh Lord my God, arise send your authority and power into my life in Jesus name.
50. Oh Lord arise in your mercy and lift me up in Jesus name.
51. My father, arise in your mercy and raise me up in Jesus name.
52. My father, arise and fight for me in Jesus name.
53. My father, arise for my sake, do that which only you can do and turn my life around for good in Jesus name.
54. My father, my father, my father, arise in your wraths and bail me out in Jesus name.
55. O Lord my God, arise and pull me out of the miry clay by your mercy in Jesus name.
56. My creator and maker, arise, let every red sea hindering my moving forward clear away in Jesus name.
57. Oh Lord arise for my sake, make me untouchable to my enemies in Jesus name.
58. My Lord arise in your mercy, pull me out of distress in Jesus name.
59. Oh Lord arise, deliver my soul from the sword in Jesus name.
60. Oh Lord God arise for my sake, let not the enemies rejoice over me in Jesus name.


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