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“There shall not any man be able to stand before me all the days of my life; as God was with Moses, so He will be with me; God will not fail me nor forsake me” (Joshua 1:5).


Satan has unleashed serious terror against mankind all over the world; the battle to harvest more souls into hell is now fiercer, knowing the year is coming to an end. No doubt, adversaries will rise, but they cannot prevail against us. Satan has empowered evil spies everywhere to keep spiritual surveillance on people! He has Intelligent Officers that monitor, gather information, collate and report back to their Control Centre in the spirit realm. I pray that sudden tragedy will not befall us or our children in Jesus Name. Read more: Victory-Over-Persistent-problems

We all know; we cannot be everywhere our children may be at any given time; hence it is our duty as parents to soak them, so to speak, in serious ejaculatory prayers that can quench the devices of the devil – at all times. That is why we must pray against monitoring spirits and agents of darkness!

Monitoring Spirits:

What are Monitoring Spirits? They are:

  • Spirits assigned by dark powers to cause havoc – they can manifest in the form of intimate enemies or unfriendly friends, causing problems in homes and at work places;
  • Secret Spies looking into people’s lives, causing harassment and manipulations in order to make them fail;
  • Invisible powers following people around to frustrate their efforts, with the intent of extending their life’s battles and problems;
  • Progress Arresters – Spirits that scattera while a person is gathering;
  • Agents of darkness that look into super destinies of people in order to steal, kill and destroy;
  • Powers that specializes in pulling down people when they are about to rise in life – spiritually jailing and using dark police and warder to keep watch over them;
  • Agents of darkness that truncates peoples’ destinies and progress;
  • Deadly spiritual shooters that sponsor battles through manipulations of their destinies;
  • Foot Soldiers for the Devil, working assiduously with territorial agents in charge of “case files” of allegations they have levelled against you;
  • Mean and wicked Powers behind regular failure, chronic delay, embarrassment and non-achievement in a person’s life;

There was the case of a brother who came back home from abroad. He came to me and having prayed for him, I told him his sister was behind his problems. I immediately assigned one of my Pastors to go with him to meet the sister. On getting there, she said: “I knew you were coming. If not that the Pastor that sent you is full of the Holy Ghost, I would have killed you on your way before got here”. She continued: “when you were going abroad, you didn’t tell me, but I knew. Then I decided to monitor you. Look at this mirror (showing them a certain mirror); this is what I have been using to monitor your movements while you were abroad; then I made a vow that the way you went out of the country the same way you would come back! But because of the power in that church, I will surrender now”. She then broke the demonic monitoring mirror and that was the end of that brother’s problems! Read more: Read more: Victory-Over-Persistent-problems

Monitoring agents and powers can be planted around you without you noticing or suspecting anything. It could come in the following areas:

  • Living in a haunted environment
  • Evil birds trailing a person (home or abroad)
  • Hearing a strange sound that sometimes trigger goose pimples
  • Seeing strange shadows or feeling of eerie atmosphere all around you
  • Hearing unusually strange humming sound from the attic and inexplicable voice, whistles from the crevice of the corners of your house
  • Network of cobwebs in places of daily or regular use
  • Cats, dogs, owl or any other animal crying in the environment
  • Strange or inexplicable mark on your body, clothing, wardrobe or wall.

Their modus operandi could be executed through normal human agents in the likeness of a genuine Secretary working in your office; a Personal Assistant or house maid. There was a sister very close to me whose house maid always turned to a very big black cat whenever she was away from home, thereby frightening and harming the very children left in her custody to take care. She had been doing that for years but glory be to God, she could not achieve her aim due to divine intervention; although, she had already succeeded in killing the husband of the woman before the Holy Spirit could arrest her that day.

Agents of Darkness

Who are the Agents of Darkness? They are:

  • Astrologers
  • Diviners
  • Monthly, weekly and daily Prognosticators
  • Necromancers (Sorcerers)
  • Palm Readers, and
  • Stargazers

All these have their nefarious activities to perform in wasting colourful destinies, destroying super brains, frustrating geniuses and those blessed with unusual abilities and capabilities to excel creditably in life.


  1. O Lord my Father, keep me as the apple of your eyes in the name of Jesus;
  2. Arise, O Lord! Save me, in the name of Jesus
  3. Any power scattering whenever I am gathering; lose your hold and die in the name of Jesus;
  4. All my benefits in any witchcraft coven; I command you, come out by fire in Jesus Name;
  5. Any gadget being used by evil monitoring agents against me and any member of my family, break in the name of Jesus;
  6. Every evil spy assigned to follow and monitor me about; fall down and receive the judgement of fire in the name of Jesus;
  7. Anyone looking into the liver to prognosticate against my future and that of my family members; perish on your assignment in Jesus Name.
  8. Any monitoring power from my foundation; be arrested in the name of Jesus Name;
  9. Every agent of darkness assigned to monitor my destiny; fall down and die in Jesus Name;
  10. By fire; by power; you that monitoring power caging my destiny; release me now in the name of Jesus;
  11. O Lord arise, and deliver me from all dark powers in Jesus Name;
  12. O my Father, arise and do something miraculous in my life today in the name of Jesus;
  13. Concerning my situation, let there be immediate and complete turn-around in Jesus Name;
  14. All long-term battles attacking my peace, I command you to die in the name of Jesus;
  15. By the mercy of God, sudden tragedy will not befall me or any member of my family in the name of Jesus;
  16. By the authority in the name of Jesus, I command every tragedy planned against me or any member of my family this year to be aborted in the name of Jesus;
  17. By the mercy of God; my life and that of my family members shall not be wasted in Jesus Name;
  18. In all areas of my life, I shall manifest glory in Jesus Name;
  19. Any invisible monitoring agent operating in my territory, you are a liar; I command you, die on your assignment in Jesus Name;
  20. Any person or personality that has acquired witchcraft power in order to monitor my progress, die in the name of Jesus;
  21. Any dark power using cobwebs to monitor my life, catch fire in the name of Jesus;
  22. By fire by power! You that monitoring power, you are a liar; your time is up! Release me; let me go now in Jesus Name. Read more: Read more: Victory-Over-Persistent-problems



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