Acts 12 v 1 – 9; 16 v 22 – 26; Luke 13 v 10 – 13; Lamentation 3 v 7; Dan. 3 v 21; Isaiah 42 v 7; Psalm 142 v 7; Psalm 124 v 7


“Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped” Psalm 124 v 7


Beloved, today we have many church people that have a form of godliness. On the outside they look good, in church they clap their hands and speak in tongues.
The scripture reveals that the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ is opposed to that of the devil and his agents. While the enemy and his agents ensnare chain and imprison people, including Christians. Jesus Christ sets people free from all forms of chains, cages, prisons and captivity.

Beloved, there is a raging battle going on day and night between two opposing forces. This battle is going on between negative and positive powers, evil and good, the real thing and the counterfeit, light and darkness, right and wrong. It does not matter that you are a gentle man and you do not like to talk about wars and bloodshed or violence, you have no option when it comes to spiritual wars, because you are already involved.
Some people get involved from their mother’s womb and are still fighting. Some started soon as they were born. It is a serious battle where no one can be neutral.

We have been born into it and we have got no choice but to fight it out. We cannot run away from it. The world is not like a public bus, where you can stop your journey at any moment. There is a fiercely on-going contested conflict/battle. Dark powers are intelligent strategists and obstinate fighters, they will not acknowledge defeat until they are completely defeated.

Beloved, this message is filled will the power to break satanic chains, prison doors around your life, that has tied you down over time to an undesirable spot, and set you free to enjoy your divine benefits fully in Christ Jesus. As you read this message and pray the accompanying prayers, God’s power to set the captives free and deliver to the uttermost will come upon you.

Note that the holy scriptures say that the Lord is that spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, receive your freedom now. In Isaiah 42 v 7, Jesus Christ has the mandate to open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house, beloved, Jesus is going to do exactly that for you today in Jesus name.

Beloved, age, race, sec, status, education are irrelevant to satan when he is on the prowl. Many people die in the prison house of the devil, where they have been chained to and are transferred to his mortuary which is hell fire. Some people have been chained down, right from the womb.

Such people usually do not know that they are chained down to a spot and it is a pity. Some get chained midway in life and some towards the end of their life. It is a sorry state, but true that many people go about with chains on their hands, waist and legs.

There are chains that cannot be seen with the naked eye, these chains are known as chains of darkness as stated in 2 peter 2 v 4.
• Chains are anything used as a hedge roundabout you as a restraining weapon and to get out of an unpleasant place to a place of fulfilment, the hedge must be removed. To more forward and upward, limitations must be removed completely.
• Chains can be ordinary or heavy. Heavy chains are aggressive demonic weapons holding people down for a long time; they require aggressive prayers.

This message is about spiritual chains, that chain people’s progress down, chains of darkness that facilitates stagnation for too long, barrenness, disappointment, failure for too long and wickedness for too long, but according to Psalm 7 v 9, every chain of wickedness that has tied you down for too long, I command them to break in Jesus name.

Beloved the chains of darkness are meant for satan and his cohorts and not for we believers and children of the most high. But when satan wants to afflict man, he makes use of the chains of darkness. It is only the power of God, that can break the chains of darkness and release those bound by these chains. Many are being held down to where they don’t like and keep wondering, what kind of life am I living now, an invisible chain is at work.

The scriptures in Psalm 68 v 6; 129 v 4; 124 v 7; 142 v 7 and Jeremiah 40 v 1 – 4 talk about the cords of the wicked. A lot of people are bound with cords of the wicked in their villages, but are in Lagos and other big cities world-wide and nothing noteworthy is happening to them.

Beloved, the Lord is saying to you through this message that He wants to break the chains, the chains of darkness, because if the chains are there, your life will not make progress. The man chained to a spot in the spiritual realm, will move from pillar to post, life will be frustrating, hope will be dashed, no good thing will come unto such a man, I pray today – God will break that chain of darkness over your life in Jesus name. Consider what God did for Jeremiah in Jeremiah 40 v 1 – 4, a great deliverance, this shall be your portion also in Jesus name.

A lot of people experience their hand tied down in the dream, some see cobwebs upon their hands and legs, today in the name of Jesus, these things that hinders your hands from making progress shall break in Jesus name.
Deut. 1 v 19 points our attention to the spirit of Kadesh-Bernea, i.e. the spirit that makes a man to wonder about, without achieving anything. Behold, if you notice the following, you must pray well:

1. Constant going around in circles.
2. Constant repeated progress failure.
3. Repetition of attitude/character that brings failure.
4. You make moves, but no progress
5. You see your breakthroughs, but you never access them, instead you move round-about it.
6. You “beat about the bush” in the market square of life.
7. You suffer from the spirit of merry go-round.
8. You are a victim of professional vagabond power, dominating your destiny.
9. You are living a life of no visible progress at all and age is weighing on you.
10. You suffer back to square one syndrome.
11. Always swimming in the river of embarrassing limitation.
12. Fishing in rivers without catching fist, tied down to fruitless efforts.
13. You move from one trouble to another, i.e. 12 months of troubles, One (1) month, one trouble.
14. You see yourself wearing invisible garments of failure, stagnation and delay.
15. You are tied down to repeated promise and fail.
16. You are always operating at the tail region of life, living and operating contrary to the word in Deut. 28 v 13
17. Suffering from repeated abortion of good things.
18. Always standing at the wrong bus stop.
19. Always meeting the wrong set of people.
20. Always having wrong workers working for you.
21. Always operating without mentors and fathers.
22. Listening to wrong set of people and thereby making you go down.
23. Always being regarded and rewarded with evil.
24. Sudden stoppage of good things in your life.
25. You are confused.


• Coven Chains
• Foundational Chains
• Idolatry Chains
• Sexual Immorality Chains
• Marine Chains
• Occultic Chains
• Witchcraft Chains
• Familiar Spirit Chains
• Hatred Chains
• Anti-Progress Chains
• Frustration Chains
• Barrenness Chains
• Palace Chains
• Polygamous Chains
• Failure Chain
• Enchantment and Evil recitation Chains
• Procrastination Chains
• Chains of mistakes & Errors
• Blood related Chains
• Chains of Negative Habits
• Chains of Wrong Location

God has done everything possible to take his children from satanic detention camps, to break chains of darkness, but you have the choice of coming out or remaining there. Isaiah 61 v 1 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound” this verse refers to our Lord Jesus Christ, the liberty He has won for you and I beloved, take grace to access this wonderful promise.
As you pray the following prayers, chains of darkness, limiting your forward and upward movement shall break in Jesus name.


1. All shake-able must be shaken,
all move-able, keep on moving
I am serving a living God
All shake-able must be shaken.

2. Break my chain /2ce
Holy Ghost fire,
Break my chains


1. JESUS THE CHAIN BREAKER, break my Chain in Jesus name.
2. Thank God for His saving grace and power to deliver.
3. Invisible chains preventing my progress, family progress, business progress, hear the word of the Lord, in Jesus name, break by fire in Jesus name.
4. I command in the name of Jesus:
a. Every Womb locked up, be opened by fire in Jesus name.
b. Brain/memory locked up, be opened by fire in Jesus name.
c. Ideas locked up, be released by fire in Jesus name.
d. Progress locked up, be released by fire in Jesus names.
e. Achievement locked up, be released by fire in Jesus name.
f. Organs chained, be released by fire in Jesus name.
5. Every chain binding my testimonies, break by fire in Jesus name.
6. Chains of darkness, holding me down to where I don’t like, break by fire in Jesus name.
7. Invisible chains, binding the work of my hands to circular problems, break in Jesus name.
8. Fire of God break away every chain tying me to where I don’t like in Jesus name.
9. Chains of darkness, binding my soul, break by fire in Jesus name.
10. Invisible chains of darkness, binding my spiritual hands, hear the word of the Lord, break by fire in Jesus name.
11. Cobwebs of darkness, binding my spiritual hands, catch fire in Jesus name.
12. Anything that is preventing you from getting out, shall scatter by fire in Jesus name.
13. Whatever and whosoever that has made your chains heavy shall die by fire in Jesus name.
14. Any Barrier, Barricade, Control Point, Prison wall, wall of Jericho, Strange walls, Evil reinforcement, Preventive Weapon, Antagonising Instrument, Debarring Weapon. Iron Like Blockage being used to prevent your forward and upward movement, I command that they be consumed by fire in Jesus name.
15. O Lord that delivered Peter, deliver me from invisible chains of darkness.
16. Marine chains of darkness over my life, break in Jesus name.
17. Occult chains of darkness over my life break in Jesus name.
18. Serpentine chains of darkness over my life break in Jesus name.
19. Chains of darkness holding me down to long time problems, repeated problems, wrong positions, I command in Jesus name break by fire.
20. Chains of darkness, holding me down to repeated afflictions, horrible experiences, constant failure, repeated oppression, hear the word of the Lord, break by fire in Jesus name.
21. Unknown covenants that have chained me down to one spot, causing embarrassment, break by fire in Jesus name.
22. Chains of darkness, tying me down to diseases and barrenness, lack, delay and stagnation, I command you to break by fire in Jesus name.
23. Foundational remote control, regulating my life for evil, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
24. Dark powers caging my progress, receive Holy Ghost thunder and die in Jesus name.
25. Weapons of the enemy used to tie me to a spot, scatter in Jesus name.
26. Power of God, deliver me from every satanic captivity in Jesus name.
27. Blood of Jesus, deliver me from every form of bewitchment in Jesus name.
28. Dark forces of frustration and failure tormenting my life, die in Jesus name.
29. Forces of demotion and shame, tormenting my life, die in Jesus name.
30. Right hand of God, do valiantly in my life today in Jesus name.
31. I decree and declare in the name of Jesus, that the glory of God Almighty, will never depart from my life and family in Jesus name.
32. Thank God for answered prayers.


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