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“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; He hath sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound” Isa. 61 v 1. (KJV)


A heavy heart is a frustrated one. This life is full of Ups and Downs and on daily basis, we witness the storms of life in various forms and shapes.  Different challenges/Problems/Attacks are there all over; locally, Internationally, Spiritually, Financially/in terms of our hopes and expectations, even when we sleep and dream.  Storms of life have no respect for anyone.  It comes unannounced.

Frustration can set in at any level of achievement in life to bring one down.  Whether at the early stage, middle stage or later stage in life. It is better when you are down than when at the top.  Many people at the top are grossly frustrated.

Frustration is a weapon of the devil to make you feel EMPTY, HOPELESS, INCAPABLE and DOUBTFUL OF YOUR ABILITY

  • It makes one’s outlook towards life ALTERED.
  • It fills one’s heart with NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS
  • It reduces your SELF-ESTEEM and makes you believe you can’t make it again.
  • It comes into one’s life without any formal announcement, gradually building up until you begin to misbehave, develop short temper, temporary madness, flare up at little provocation, seeing everyone around as your enemy, begin to suspect everyone, finding faults with people, even your pastor, preaching does not make any sense to you
  • It makes you to turn the Bible upside down to justify wrong doings and looking for evil sympathizers.


  1. Many people cannot sleep again without sedating drugs.
  2. Many have Headaches/Hypertension.
  3. Many talk to themselves alone and walk pass the street; cross the Road without knowing.
  4. Many are doubting God; even life does not have any meaning to them again.
  5. Many hear strange voices – saying to them that prayers don’t work again, you pay your tithes, live Holy, what’s your gain, Jesus can’t do it. Kill yourself and end it all.  Evil suggestions.


  1. You are at your WITS END and don’t know where to go
  2. Your mind is Upside down and heavily troubled.
  3. You are battling seriously with Acute Discouragement.
  4. To think Straight is a problem because your plans don’t work out again.
  5. You are witnessing a state of Going Down, Gradual Depredation, Decline has set in, no more productive Activities.
  6. No more joy, you are just blank, your heart is Heavy.
  7. Are you experiencing EMOTIONAL CONFLICT/CRISIS?
  8. Are you covering up your PAINS with excessive Activities, Over-reacting, Overdressing etc.?
  9. Do you put up a FAKE Smile while you are hurting inside?
  10. You are experiencing INNER SELF DOUBT/ANGER
  11. You are experiencing LACK OF CONFIDENCE
  12. YOU HAVE WORRIES & FEAR all around you.
  14. You have unexplainable Loss of Sexual Libido, Loss of Appetite, Loss of Stamina/Vigour
  16. You have INSOMNIA – Loss of Sleep
  17. You have AMNESIA – Loss of memory
  18. You can’t take DECISIONS again.
  19. You cannot PLAN again.
  20. You are prone to SUCIDE
  21. You want to call it Quits.
  22. You want to take any decision to just get a quick relief, anyhow, anyway without minding the consequences.
  23. You are fainting in your heart
  24. Your health is depreciating.
  25. You are under a great pressure to seek help in Egypt.


  1. Sin
  2. Disobedience to God & Authority
  3. Disrespect
  4. Wanting to eat your cake and have it.
  5. Lack of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge
  6. Jumping out before your time
  7. Infatuation
  8. Living beyond your means
  9. Rushing into something without first studying it
  10. Lack of communication
  11. Bad Company
  12. Living your world alone
  13. When you are easily discouraged.
  14. Inability to try again when you fail. The person who succeeds is not the one who holds back, fearing failure, nor the one who never fails, but rather the one who moves on in spite of failure.
  15. Extra-marital affairs
  16. Lack of investment when you have the chance.
  17. Procrastination
  18. Stress, Worries and Anxieties
  19. Wrong Investment
  20. Patronising Agents of darkness in Egypt
  21. Prayerlessness
  22. Lack of Self discipline
  23. Bad Eating Habit
  24. Lack of Proper Medical care
  25. Foundational Problems
  26. Polygamy
  27. Living by Zodiac signs, Magic, Neocromancy, fortune telling.
  28. Wrong Marriage/Wrong churches
  29. Not paying your tithe/Kingdom investment
  30. Destructive Habits, smoking, drinking, gambling immorality.
  31. Sometimes, LOANS can cause frustration.
  32. Lack of understanding between masters and apprentices
  33. Fighting with your divine helpers
  34. Assumption
  35. Over familiarity – Taking someone for granted
  36. Embarking on a venture without asking God.
  37. Poor Management/Organisation
  38. Lack of foresight
  39. Unforgiveness, Envy & Vengeance
  40. Social Spending without caution
  41. Incorrigibility – Don’t want to take correction
  42. Pride, Ego & Giving excuses.
  43. Lack of Self-development
  44. Bandwagon effect
  45. Imitation.
  46. Expending your energy on unproductive things
  47. Living above your means
  48. Lack of Helpers
  49. Giving up too soon
  50. Terrible family background where there is no love
  51. Closed heaven
  52. Repeated Oppression and Attacks.


  1. New Birth – John 3 v 16
  2. Maturity in Christ.
  3. Obeying God
  4. Re-examination of One’s life and operations
  5. Putting in Appropriate Corrections
  6. Retreat, Prayers and Fasting
  7. Divine Visitation
  8. Open Heaven
  9. Mercy, Grace of God
  10. Quality Praise and Worship
  11. Hearing God
  12. Revelation of Secrets.


  1. In the name of Jesus, Frustration will not kill you.
  2. That Frustration shall turn to Testimonies in Jesus name
  3. Those supporting the Frustration in your life shall regret in Jesus name.
  4. By special grace of God, you will not die in Frustration in Jesus name.
  5. By His anointing, I am coming out of the Prison of Frustration in Jesus name.
  6. You will soon shout for Joy in Jesus name
  7. Many will soon congratulate me in Jesus name.
  8. My enemies will hear my testimonies in Jesus name.
  9. My testimonies will become Sermons very soon in Jesus name.
  10. The Lord will put a new song in my mouth in Jesus name.
  11. By the mercies of God, I receive fresh HOPE, CONFIDENCE, ABILITY, ZEAL, SELF ESTEEM, VIBRANCY in the mighty name of Jesus.
  12. Let New Progress, New Ideas, New Connections, and thoughts wake up in me in Jesus name.
  13. The Lord shall release a Word that will end my Frustrations in Jesus name.
  14. Every garment of frustration on me, catch fire in Jesus name.
  15. Altar of Frustration, raised against me and my family, scatter in Jesus name.
  16. Every ongoing PLAN OF FRUSTRATION against my welfare, be aborted in Jesus name.
  17. Evil Deliberation going on to frustrate me, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
  18. Every domestic wickedness sponsoring frustration in my destiny, die in the name of Jesus.
  19. Every domestic wickedness prison, built for my sake, release me and collapse in Jesus name.
  20. Every city of frustration, erected against my destiny, release me and catch fire in Jesus name.
  21. Everything I have lost to the prison of frustration; I recover in the name Jesus.
  22. Mark/Symbol/Label of Frustration, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  23. Any garment of Garment of Frustration the enemy has put on me, I command it to catch fire in Jesus name
  24. Altar of Frustration, scatter in Jesus name.
  25. Plan of Frustration, be aborted in Jesus name.
  26. Weapon of Frustration fashioned against me will not prosper in Jesus name.
  27. Evil deliberation of frustration going on anywhere, backfire in Jesus name.
  28. Evil inherited family cage putting me in perpetual frustration, be broken to pieces in Jesus name.
  29. Every snake of Affliction in the power house of my Work, Marriage, Process die in Jesus name.
  30. Every Agent of frustration in my environment, disappear in Jesus name.
  31. Thank God for answered prayers.


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