Tied down in one location Pastor Wole


Psalm 144 v 7, 11, 143 v 11 – 12; 140 v 4; 129 v 4; 124 v 7; Isaiah 22 v 25; 25 v 7 – 8; Mark 11 v 2 – 8; Mathew 21 v 2; Ezekiel 16 v 44; Mark 11 v 4; 2 Cor. 6 v 14 – 18


“In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be removed, and be cut down, fall and the burden that was upon it shall be cut off: for the Lord hath spoken it” Isaiah 22 v 25

“Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers; the snare is broken, and we are escaped” Psalm 124 v 7. 

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 Beloved, most battles that tie people down are from their land of nativity (home town). Brethren, if you notice that you are failing at exactly the point where your fathers failed, or as a female the battles that fought your mother is battling you (Ezekiel 16 v 44) you must pray. The colt that was tied down in Mathew 21 v 2 – “Saying unto them, go into the village over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied, and a colt with her: loose them, and bring them unto me.” also symbolically refers to your seed. When you are tied, your seed is tied. When you are tied, your future is tied.

Beloved, when you are tied your endowment is tied.  When you are tied, your exploits are tied. When you are tied your talents/skills are tied.  When you are tied your health is tied.  When you are tied your sphere of influence is tied. Read more: When-God-remembers-you

When you are tied, your impact is tied, whatever you ought to be in life is tied.  That book you must write (as an author) for the world to celebrate you is tied.  The drama you should act for the world to applaud is tied, but I pray for you, the Lord God will set you free in Jesus name.

Exodus 1 v 13 – 14 reflects or aptly describes the position of many today.  The enemy made the children of Israel serve with rigour, the enemy gave them hard bondage, not an ordinary one, but a very hard one.  In Exodus 2 v 23; the children of Israel did something, they sighed by reason of the bondage and they cried and their cry came up unto God by reason of the bondage.  This shall be the experience of a reader of this message, in the name of Jesus. Your cry shall come up to God, in Jesus name and you shall be loosed from where you have been tied to in Jesus name.

There was a hard bondage and then there was a cry, and there was deliverance.  Beloved the process is still the same till today.

Psalm 124 v 7 says “my soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowler ….”  Beloved I would like you to know that God is not a failure, therefore we His children must not be failures in any way, God did not design anyone to come to this world and fail.  Any failure we find in our lives is not the fault of God.  The verse of scripture quoted above, gives a clear picture of what is known as breakthrough.  Imagine the scene of a bird that has been caged.  It has become limited, even though it can travel for kilometres in the sky freely. The bird has been reduced to a creature that cannot move upward or forward. Only God knows for how long it has been in the cage, but suddenly a particular power comes and breaks the cage open and the bird escapes.  This is the true picture of a breakthrough.

Read more: When-God-remembers-you

Beloved, when a man is tied down, he cannot move, he is limited and cannot do what he wishes to do.  He has a problem.  A person in a prison house, for example, cannot move.  He is limited, he is being watched and controlled, he cannot go about as he would love to.  A bird in a cage is limited. It cannot fly, it can only hop within the confines of the cage.  Even though it can sing beautifully and can recount what it sees or hears, it is still limited to the cage.  When the spirit of a man is caged or tied down, it means it is possessed and controlled by demonic spirits.  They dictate what the spirit man should do and not do.  It is amazing to know that dark powers can summon a person out of his body.  The experiences that some people regard as dreams are not so, they are actual happenings in the spirit world.

When you see yourself in the dream, in your village or old secondary or primary school or a house you once lived, it means that an evil covenant had been formed with your spirit at that location or that something went wrong there or that your placenta was buried there, or most importantly you have been tied down there.

Arise ye and depart for this is not your rest. Micah 2 v 10 –Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction”.  Beloved, where are you situated or tied to now, that God needs to relocate you from.

  1. Are you living in a wrong place?
  2. Where your heaven is closed and the ground is full of Brass and Iron.
  3. Where the ground is fighting your progress/
  4. Where there is witchcraft pollution.
  5. Where there is
  6. A place rejecting blessings.
  7. A place not agreeing with your destiny.
  8. A place leaking your Glory/virtues.
  9. A place the Glory of the Lord had departed. (1 Sam. 4 v 21)
  10. A place suffocating your destiny.
  11. A place full of devourers & wasters.
  12. An environment rejecting prosperity.
  13. A place where nobody progresses.
  14. A location that subtracts from you.
  15. A business place hostile to your success & breakthrough.
  16. A place God has not sent you to like Jonah.
  17. A place where God has finished with you, but something is hooking you down.
  18. A place of forgetfulness after the order of Mephiboseth in Lodebar 2 Sam. 9 v 1 – end
  19. A place no seed planted ever grows.
  20. A place where spiritual robbers are battling you and your family/work.
  21. A place no one rises up.
  22. An environment of the “zero catchers”.
  23. An environment of frustrated people.
  24. An environment where people die with their glory.
  25. A house where the corrupted foundation is fighting the tenants.
  26. A church where the wives of the Ministers are witches/officiating ministers are cult members.
  27. A church where destines don’t rise, no one goes up.
  28. A location where those who make it must come down.
  29. A market swallowing your profits.
  30. A place you always have bad and terrible destiny demoting DREAMS
  31. A place and an environment full of darkness and tragedy
  32. A country that does not favour your growth in life.
  33. A business not ordained of God, a profession not ordained of God.
  34. A house, where you have overstayed.
  35. A business arena where you have overstayed and no growth again.
  36. A place satanically marked for backwardness, non-achievement and destruction.
  37. A place where dark powers scatter anytime you gather.
  38. A place they toy with people’s destinies.
  39. A place as dead as the mortuary
  40. A place where people don’t prosper except you belong to their occult group




  2. YOU SHOULD BE IN OREGUN in Lagos, Nigeria, BUT YOU ARE IN OREGON in the US.


  1. Whenever something good is about to happen, a tragedy occurs and the road closes or something goes wrong somewhere.
  2. When you sleep and talk out of your sleep to the hearing of those around you, as if engaged in a discussion.
  3. When as a person, you know you should be a high flyer, but you are living the direct opposite, you are relegated.
  4. When a spouse is saying that his or her spouse is not the person he or she got married to.
  5. When as a person, you never feel the stirring of the Holy Spirit within you, no matter how many songs are ministered.
  6. Seeing slow animals in the dream e.g. tortoise, snail etc.
  7. When a person dreams and sees himself in a thick forest and cannot find his way out or in a market place where he buys nothing but goes up and down till the close of day or finds himself lost and cannot find his way home.
  8. Having a double personality, being unpredictable.
  9. Feeling lifeless, as if the person’s blood has been drained.
  10. Finding it difficult to detach yourself from an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.
  11. You find it difficult to concentrate.
  12. Seeing yourself in the dream as having a twin substitute.
  13. Seeing yourself in the dream being summoned out of your body.
  14. Hearing strange voices or commands.
  15. When you dream of going somewhere without an address.
  16. When you dream of travelling and almost missing your flight.


  1. Identify the cause(s)
  2. Repentance
  3. Salvation
  4. Deliverance
  5. Seek knowledge


  1. Lion of the tribe of Judah, swallow all unrepentant enemies in my father’s house in Jesus name.
  2. Every groove from my village, hear the word of the Lord, I command in Jesus name, release me by fire.
  3. You deity from my village, hear the word of the Lord, release me by fire in Jesus name.
  4. You that rock from my village, hear the word of the Lord, I command you release me by fire in Jesus name.
  5. Every battle that has tied my mother, that is now battling me, I command in Jesus name, release me by fire.
  6. Every battle that has tied my father, that is now tying me down to where I don’t like/belong, I command, release me by fire in Jesus name.
  7. Spiritual umbilical cord, attracting battles into my life, break in Jesus name.
  8. The battle that tied me, my father and my grandfather, I command in Jesus name, release me by fire.
  9. Generational battle that is limiting my potential, your time is up, release me by fire in Jesus name.
  10. Generational curses tying me down to where I don’t like/belong, break in Jesus name.
  11. Any power that has tied me down, I command in Jesus name, die by fire.
  12. Witchcraft powers, that have tied my life down to where I don’t like/belong, release me by fire in Jesus name.
  13. Arrows fired at my vehicle of destiny from any T-junction, I command in Jesus name, go back to your sender.
  14. My placenta, hear the word of the Lord, be released from every captivity in Jesus name.
  15. O God arise, contend with those contending with my destiny in Jesus name.
  16. O God arise, fight those fighting against me in Jesus name.
  17. Dark cloud, covering my glory, I command you to fade away in Jesus name.
  18. From evil diversion, I recover my glory in Jesus name.
  19. Forest and rock demons, assigned against me, fall down and die in Jesus name.
  20. Local charms/incense burnt against me, in order to relegate my life, catch fire in Jesus name.
  21. Ungodly parental linkage, tying me down to where I don’t like/belong, break in Jesus name.
  22. My progress under satanic regulation and dominion, I command in Jesus name, release me by fire.
  23. Stronghold of failure, erected against my life in order to limit me, scatter in Jesus name.
  24. Thank God for what He has done and rejoice.








  1. Thank you for this Daddy. This is the exact situation i find myself. Feeling of lifelessness in my current environment.
    By the Power of God, i am delivered from anything tying me and my destiny down within my environment.


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