Mark 5: 25 – 30; Mark 6:1 – end (pls note v 30) Phil. 4 v 8; Lam 3 v 37; Eccl. 10:7; 2 Kings 6:1 – 7; Ps.145:14; 1 Cor. 6:14; Joel 2:25; Lam. 5:16; 2 Cor 4:14; 1 Tim. 1:18; Matt 11:12; Deut. 2:24.


To explain the concept of virtues, many factors must be considered.  Virtues are those features God has deposited in your life to do well as long as you live. There features are just peculiar to you and you alone, no other person can share your type with you. Some of those features are your temperament, natural abilities, power strength, stamina, behaviours, talents, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. They are the raw material for you to make use of and become whom God had created you to be. You will agree with me that you must defend, protect, guard jealously and prayerfully your virtues because to lose them is to be sentenced into the school of defeat and irrevocable failure in life.


  1. Your virtue is the component of your destiny.
  2. It is a tool that sharpens your life from Birth to Burial
  3. You can only fulfill your purpose in life if your values are properly harnessed, utilized and channeled accordingly in the right direction and location.
  4. Good character will enhance your virtues while negative characters will snuff them off.
  5. Many got their virtues tampered with right from their mother’s womb, some during their naming ceremony, some due to wrong places of birth or strange circumstances surrounding their birth.
  6. Virtues can be wasted, imprisoned, hindered, converted, transferred, prevented, fragmented, turn upside down, remoted, frustrated, exchanged and perverted. g.  Esau and Jacob.
  7. Diabolic agents can see into the contents of one’s virtues by esoteric means through divination.
  8. There is massive violent hunting for people’s virtues globally.
  9. Many have lost their virtues due to carelessness, ignorance and spiritual negligence.
  10. Sexual immorality is one of the deadly means to lose one’s virtues easily, e.g. Biblical Samson.
  11. Through eating and drinking bewitched foods/drinks, one can lose one’s virtues.
  12. Polygamous set up is a burial ground for burning good
  13. Those living like slaves where they should be ruling and reigning as kings are victims of attacked virtues.
  14. If you are living an opposite life to your future dreams and this continues unabated, your virtues have been tampered with.
  15. If you have been rescheduled to uselessness, round about hardship, persistent struggles, counterfeit existence and you have been on the same spot for too long, your virtues are under attacks.
  16. If you are a candidate of continuous spiritual battles without victory, but rather, the more you pray or try, the more the battles, your virtues are under attacks.
  17. If you notice roundabout multiplication of problems in your dreams, at home, at work, in your church, among your business partners, your virtues are under attacks.
  18. If your involvement in a good business/venture causes problem, your virtues are under attacks.
  19. Where people succeed easily, once it is your turn, you will have difficulty and it has been the trend for long. To achieve success easily is a problem, your virtues are under attacks.
  20. No matter how much you labour, no harvest or your harvest is given to another person; if at all you will be considered, it is with evil repayment, your virtues are crying for deliverance.
  21. You lack direction in life. Your life is grossly meaningless, age is fast weighing on you and nothing to show for your existence.  People are asking you questions already. No proof for your struggles so far, your virtues are under attacks.
  22. Despite your academic laurels, professional certificates, awards, commendations, anything you touch to climb up suddenly collapses never to rise, your virtues are under attack.
  23. If you have visited herbalists, false prophets, diviners, family idols, witches or you have engaged in blood bath, blood covenant, or you have been a member of any occultic group, your virtues are crying for serious deliverance.
  24. Satanic hairdressers/barbers can tamper with one’s virtues. So always cover your head with the blood of Jesus when visiting any salon.
  25. If you have donated your head hairs, armpit or public hairs, nails for any rituals before, your virtues need deliverance.
  26. If you have ever washed your head with concoction, occultic soup, blood or you have carried sacrifices with your head, your virtues need deliverance.
  27. Those with incisions on their head, or body must pray seriously for their virtues to be delivered.
  28. If you have ever lived in an accursed house before, or worked with an employer servicing his business with employee’s virtues, your virtues have been tampered with.
  29. If your parents or either of them is a witch, you must cry for your virtues to be delivered.
  30. Hidden unbroken destructive covenants, vows and curses can affect one’s virtues.
  31. If you are firstborn male or female and among the children you are a victim of chronic non-achievement and backwardness, no one reckons with you again. Your first-born virtues are under attack.
  32. Each time you have an opportunity to rise up, something happens and you lose that chance. This has happened severally unabated; your virtues are under attacks.
  33. You suffer disfavour, promise and fail, failure at the edge of breakthrough, unexplainable hatred, sudden problems and attacks, your virtues are crying for deliverance.
  34. Your ordained helpers are always attacked. In fact, they don’t want to see you again.  Those who want to help you want to abuse or take advantage of you, your virtues are under attacks.
  35. You witness mysterious losses, programmed losses, your money or materials suddenly disappear, your virtues need deliverance.
  36. You are always hearing strange voices cursing you, regulating or instructing you abnormally, strange things seen physically trailing you about, strange presence of evil birds, your virtues need deliverance.
  37. If you suddenly develop addictions to something ruining your life, time, money, health your virtues need deliverance.
  38. You have been doing well before, all of a sudden, desolation sets in, everything packed up overnight and you are now a subject of mockery and ridicule, your virtues are under attack.
  39. You are always in a wrong relationship, wrong working places, wrong profession, wrong investment, wrong church, wrong houses, wrong country, wrong town. Etc., your virtues need cure.
  40. Examine the under-listed virtues and check which one has been tampered with in your life so that you can cry unto the Lord God, almighty.
    • Family/marital virtue
    • Spiritual virtues (your anointing)
    • Financial virtues
    • Academic/intellectual virtues
    • Skill/potential virtues
    • Relational/communication virtues
    • Health virtues
    • Reasoning virtues

Beloved, in Mark 5 v 25 – 30, when the woman with the issue of blood touched the helm of master Jesus’ garment, the bible says “And Jesus immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone of him, turned about the people and said who touched my cloth”.  The same way virtue can be taken off one positively or negatively.


If today you can give your life to Jesus and accept him as your Lord and Saviour, (John 3 v 16) he will restore to you all the years that the locusts and cankerworms have eaten and you will make heaven at last.  (Joel 2 v 25-26).

Examine your life and ask yourself questions.  Identify those areas you are cooperating with the enemies of your virtues.  Repent and begin to follow Jesus on the platform of absolute righteousness.

  • Don’t seek help in Egypt – Isa 31:1 – 3. The Egyptians will cause more harms to your virtues.
  • Stop patronizing fake prophets/occultists
  • Don’t go for evil bath in any river
  • No solution in burning candles
  • Don’t surrender your cloths or your materials for fake deliverance
  • You don’t need to break coconut at any crossroad with palm fronds.
  • No more venerating the dead or preparing marine food for children or the invalids.
  • No need for professing anti-scriptural doings in the name of deliverance.
  • Stand on the word of God with violent faith
  • Subject yourself to thorough deliverance in a Bible based Pentecostal church operating in holiness
  • Live a life of prayer and fasting
  • Pray virtue recovery prayers with anger
  • I advise you to get a copy of my book titled: RECOVERY OF VIRTUES for more insight.
  • Mark 10:27. It may be impossible with men but not with God for with God all things are possible.


  1. JABEZ –       1 Chronicles. 4:9 – 10
  2. MEPHIBOSHETH –       2 Samuel 9:1 – 13
  3. BLIND BARTIMEAUS –       Mark 10:46 – 52
  4. OBEDEDOM –       2 Sam. 6:10 – 12
  5. ESTHER –       Esther 2:15 – 18
  6. JOSEPH –       41:37 – 44
  7. JACOB/ISRAEL –       32:27 – 30

My destiny, My destiny (2ce)
Any form of manipulation, reject it
Any form of manipulation, reject it

Super blood of Jesus
Come and deliver me
The blood that flows in Calvary
Come and deliver me 


  1. Begin to thank God for being your refuge, your fortress and hiding place.
  2. Crippling/Paralyzing spirit assigned against my virtues, get out of my life in Jesus name.
  3. Every evil consultation going on anywhere to attack my virtues, backfire in Jesus name.
  4. Everyone lying in waiting to cause havoc to my virtues, die in waiting in Jesus name.
  5. Attacks on my virtues, backfire in Jesus name.
  6. Every confusion surrounding my virtues, disappear in Jesus name.
  7. My virtues captured by foundational powers, be released by fire in Jesus name.
  8. Darkness enveloping my virtues, fade away by fire in Jesus name.
  9. Every stronghold erected against my virtues, be pulled down in Jesus name.
  10. Anti-breakthrough decrees against my virtues, be revoked in Jesus name.
  11. Every serpent of Affliction sent to bite my virtues, die by fire in Jesus name.
  12. I recover by fire, all my virtues thrown into the river, the forest, kept inside the rock, in any coven in Jesus name.
  13. All my virtues satanically warehoused in my family foundation, come forth by fire in Jesus name.
  14. All my virtues demonically arrested, be released to me now in Jesus name.
  15. All evil handwritings against my virtues, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  16. Negative statements/prophesies/predictions ever issued against my virtues, be nullified in Jesus name.
  17. You the strongmen from both sides of my family and my in-law’s family attacking my virtues, destroy yourselves in Jesus name.
  18. All satanic manipulations aimed at changing my virtues, be aborted in Jesus name.
  19. All evil monitoring eyes trailing my virtues, go blind in Jesus name.
  20. Every spirit of Goliath waging war against my virtues, I bind you in Jesus name.
  21. Anything in creation contrary to my virtues, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
  22. Every spirit of Balaam hired to curse my virtues, be disgraced in Jesus name.
  23. All evil sleep undertaken to scatter my virtues, be converted to the sleep of death in Jesus name. (Jer. 51 v 57)
  24. By the Spirit of prophesy, all those laughing me to scorn shall witness my testimony in Jesus name.
  25. Any evil padlock used against my virtues, be shattered by fire in Jesus name.
  26. My virtues, reject spiritual burial in Jesus name.
  27. O Lord, empower my virtues to prosper alarmingly in Jesus name.
  28. O Lord, make a way for my virtues in Jesus name.
  29. O Lord, prosper my virtues with favour and mercy in Jesus name.
  30. O Lord deliver my virtues from witchcraft and marine attacks in Jesus name.
  31. O Lord, deliver my virtues from Household and Environmental wickedness in Jesus name.
  32. O Lord, let my virtues shine forth enduringly in Jesus name.
  33. O Lord, maintain heavenly security on my virtues in Jesus name.
  34. O Lord, help my virtues in Jesus name (Pray it very well)
  35. O Lord, shield my family virtues from dark attacks in Jesus name.
  36. I insure my virtues by the premium in the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
  37. No conspiracy will prosper over my virtues again in Jesus name.
  38. Blood of Jesus, wipe off negative covenants attacking my virtues in Jesus name.
  39. My virtues reject reproach, shame and dishonour in Jesus name (Ps. 69 v 19)
  40. My virtues, receive complete deliverance in Jesus name.
  41. My virtues, reclaim completely all the grounds that you have lost to the enemies in Jesus name.
  42. Thank God for victory.


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