1. Joshua 10 v 12 – 14; The Sun stood still @ Gibeon and Moon stayed @ Ajalon

2. Esther 4 v 11 – King Ahasuerus broke protocol to see queen Esther, by the law of the Land he could have passed a death sentence on her since he didn’t invite her.

3. Genesis 48 v 1 – end (v20) Jacob broke protocols for Ephraim to be above Manasseh.

4. Genesis 41 v 38 – 43 – Pharaoh broke all protocols to make Joseph, a stranger and an ex-convict his second in command.

5. Daniel 6 v 26 – King Darius changed the law of Medes and Persians which should not be done (Vs. 8) for Daniels sake.

6. In 2009 – the Queen of England broke all protocols to hug Mitchel Obama instead of shaking her hands; Queens shake but don’t hug.


1. God will break protocol for your sake in Jesus name.
2. God will make men to break protocol for your sake in Jesus name.
3. Where you are seeking for breakthrough, though you don’t belong to a particular tribe that may seem to be better favoured in the scheme of things, God will break protocol to favour you in Jesus name.
4. Just for you to make it, God will change the rules to favour you in Jesus name.
5. For you to get your God-ordained benefits and rewards, God will break protocol for you in Jesus name.
6. No matter how many have failed in that place, when it is your turn, God will change the situations for your success in Jesus name.
7. God will overtake those who are better and more qualified than you to favour in Jesus name.
8. They will not be able to explain why? Protocols shall be broken to favour you in Jesus name.
9. You will possess your possession in Jesus name.
10. Rejoice, for it is done.


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