Col. 2 v 14 & 15; Isa 10 v 1; Job 13 v 26; Isa. 7 v 5 – 7; Isa 8 v 9 & 10.


“For the Lord God will help me, therefore shall I not be confounded, therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know I shall not be ashamed; Nay! In all these things, I am more than a conqueror through him that loved me”.  Isa. 50:7; Rom. 8:37.


God is indeed the author of dreams and it is a medium through which He speaks and gives instruction to his children. “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumbering upon the bed; then he openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instruction” Job 33:15, 16. See also Matt 2:13.  Negative dreams are not part of God’s promises for mankind but the devil capitalized on the unfortunate fall of man and started perverting and manipulating the medium of dreams to bring problems, afflictions, tragedy and destruction into people’s lives.  “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, to kill and to destroy” John 10:10a.  The devil is on rampage and is subjecting people to negative situations or conditions through negative dreams.

Someone seeing himself naked in the dream must know that such dream has negative implications i.e. being stripped of one’s glory in life.  Remember the story of the Pharaoh’s chief baker, he had a dream that birds were eating the “baked meats” in the basket that was on his head, three days later, he was executed by hanging just as Joseph had interpreted.  Gen 40:16 – 22.

Beloved, we must stand in the place of aggressive apostolic prayers and not wait for a negative dream to come to pass and mess up our destiny.  We must stand against the manipulations of the devil in our lives.  He is the thief that has come to steal…. but our Lord Jesus Christ has come that we may have life abundantly John 10:10b

Take the power and authority in the word of God combined with the blood of Jesus and begin to cancel every negative dream you have ever heard.  May the promise of God have expression in your life in Jesus name.


 Any wicked, wounding, injurious, damaging, negative dream from my foundation, be cancelled in Jesus name.

  1. Negative dreams swallowing my Progress & Advancement, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  2. Repeated Negative dreams causing delay in my life, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  3. Re-occurring negative dreams reinforcing afflictions in my life, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  4. Constant Satanic dreams causing manipulations in my life, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  5. Any negative dream that has subjected me to negative conditions, be nullified in Jesus name.
  6. Negative dreams blocking my Miracles, I cancel you in Jesus name.
  7. Satanic Dreams placing Embargo & Siege on my work, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  8. Negative dreams retarding my growth, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  9. Evil dreams stealing my benefits, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  10. Any negative dream the enemies want to enforce at all cost, I cancel you by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
  11. Any negative dream fashioned against me to render me USELESS and ORDINARY, be aborted in Jesus name.
  12. Any negative dream that triggers IMPOSSIBILITY and HARDSHIP in my life, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  13. Every familiar spirit disguising to disturb my welfare through dreams, be bound in Jesus name.
  14. You that negative dream programmed to re-occur anytime I am to have a breakthrough, I challenge and cancel you by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name (Be repeating, be cancelled in Jesus name)
  15. All negative destiny-demoting dreams affecting my life now, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  16. All my stolen or forcefully taken away virtues in the dream, I recover you now in Jesus name.
  17. All negative dreams of Pollution, I reject, cancel and nullify you in Jesus name.
  18. All negative dreams of the past since I was born affecting my progress now, I am no longer your candidate, be cancelled in Jesus name.
  19. I confess that I shall not fail nor be defeated in the battle of life in the name of Jesus. I shall testify and glorify God all my days in Jesus name.

Victory is mine in Jesus name


  1. Daddy, I thank God for your calling. You have impacted me and my family since my path crossed CLAM. May you continue to impact generations yet unborn. Waoooooo this is another innovation from God through you.

  2. Joyce Taiwo. Uk.

    Many thanks Sir. This is indeed a parliament where power changes hands.

    We appreciate you Sir. God’s oil shall increase to bless and favour you more and more in Jesus name.

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