1. You will access the Spirit realm
  2. You will see deep things
  3. You would have passed any examination before sitting for it.
  4. You will overcome fear
  5. You will be confident
  6. You will not guess nor fumble
  7. You will see what others don’t see
  8. You will know the mind of God for your life, environment and all areas.
  9. Divine Agenda will be clear to you
  10. You will not be under pressure
  11. You will know how to Navigate in difficult terrain
  12. You will be a purposeful leader.
  13. Kingdom of darkness will fear
  14. You will not fall into mistakes & Errors
  15. You will not fall into Traps and Snares.
  16. Inside hidden plans among your workers or family members, business partners will be known to you.
  17. You will know who you are.
  18. You will know the source of your problems.
  19. You will know why the problem persists.
  20. You will know those behind the problems
  21. You will know the solutions to the problems.
  22. Your speed of achievement will be unusual.
  23. Your progress and success will be envious.
  24. You will have a divine Alert before anything happens.
  25. You will know the correct strategy for a particular battle. The appropriate weapon to use and where to stay.
  26. You will be at the right place at the right time.
  27. The enemies will find it difficult to catch you.
  28. You will see your spiritual score card per time.
  29. During any storm, you will remain calm and enter into God’s rest.
  30. You will not be controlled by other peoples visions/revelations
  31. You will not make wrong choices in marriage, location, place of work, place of worship, your friends.
  32. You will not go into WRONG INVESTMENT & PARTNERSHIP (e.g. Demos Shekarian)
  33. You will not take wrong decisions when it matters most.
  34. You will not travel when you are not supposed to.
  35. You will not go to where the presence of God is absent.
  36. The danger inside what ordinarily looks good will be revealed to you.
  37. You will not accept gifts that will endanger your life.
  38. You will not suffer losses generally.
  39. You will make discoveries beyond human knowledge.
  40. You will discover the breakthrough you are sitting on unknown to you. (like Hagar Gen. 21 v 19)
  41. An end will come to a very prolonged delay in your life.
  42. Why problems are repeating and re-occuring will be revealed to you with solutions
  43. You will be hopeful and be assured of tomorrow.
  44. You will hit the target each time you embark on a venture.

Enemies secrets and plans will be known to you.


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