Ps.  121:1 – 8; Ps. 123; Rom. 9:14 – 16, 1 Cor. 3:6 – 7; Ps.  51, Ps. 56, Ps.  57: 1-3; Jos. 10: 11-14, Judges 6 & 7; Matt 17:24 – 27; 2Kings 4:1-7; Acts 5:18-19; John 5:1-9, Eccl. 11:3


“Thou shall arise and have mercy upon my Zion, for the time to favour me, ye the set time has come” Ps.  102:13.


Beloved, this message is specially packaged for you so that you can testify to the goodness of God.  Many people are wondering why things are not working according to their expectation despite all efforts put in. Ps 6 v 2a “Have mercy upon me O! Lord, for I am weak……”  is the cry of many people now.  There are things that can never yield results unless God intervenes by His Mercy.  When every form of prayers fails, the prayer of Mercy can never fail because our God is a compassionate father.  Some people have been caged in the prison of hopelessness and marginal manipulation, some are experiencing re-occurring non-achievement and chronic failure at the very edge of breakthrough. Some people are just tired of everything because of unexplainable standstill and inability to harvest from their labour.  Frequent disappointment and unfulfilled promises are very rampant these days, but I have good news for you; God of suddenly will intervene and show you mercies in Jesus name.  Kindly go through this message and pray the prayers for 3 days and nights.  You shall be visited with mighty results in Jesus name.


  1. Every great and outstanding achievement in life’s answers to God’s intervention.
  2. Many wonderful dreams can only be fulfilled by God’s intervention.
  3. Men and Women who had depended on their own strength had failed, woefully.
  4. Divine intervention puts an end to prolonged delay.
  5. Divine intervention removes barriers of any kind.
  6. Divine intervention prevents one from dancing round the mountain without climbing up.
  7. Divine intervention brings you out of the Pit of reproaches, confusion and sudden death.
  8. Divine intervention makes your ground hitherto barren to yield her increase.
  9. Divine intervention makes your heaven to open and release the dew upon you.
  10. Divine intervention makes your cloud that is full of rain to release forthwith.
  11. Divine intervention enables you to know the secrets behind what you are passing through and the solutions to them.
  12. Divine intervention makes all stubborn enemies of your life to stop their wickedness and face the wrath of God.
  13. Divine intervention sponsors sudden miracles and elevation in your life like Joseph.
  14. Divine intervention makes you win any battle in life and destroy the enemies that have gained upper hands before.
  15. Divine intervention removes sweat and struggles and hard bondage from your life.
  16. Divine intervention makes you to be CELEBRATED where you have failed before.
  17. Divine intervention will make helpers to remember you after the order of Mordechai and King Ahasuerus.
  18. Divine intervention prevents you from dying before your time and brings back to life any good thing that had died which shouldn’t have died after the other of Lazarus.
  19. Divine intervention makes your prayer turn to testimonies. It stops praying without answers.
  20. Divine intervention will make you not to waste your productive years, it will enable your ways to be smooth with the leading of the Holy Spirit.


  1. HEAVENLY INTERVENTION – Joshua 10:11-14, Judges 5:20
  2. FINANCIAL INTERVENTION: Matt. 17:24 – 27
  3. DEBT SETTLEMENT INTERVENTION: 2 Kings 4:1-7 (Elisha vs wife of the one of the sons of the prophet (Vs.7) Go, sell the oil and pay your debt). Angelic intervention.
  4. RELEASE FROM INCARCERATION INTERVENTION: Acts 5:18 – 19, (An Angel opened the prison doors).
  5. HEALING INTERVENTION Jn. 5:1 – 4, (Man by the pool of Bethesda)


  1. Mercy is part and parcel of His sovereign nature – Romans 9:14-16 – God shows mercy; He is compassionate.
  2. He brings increase by His mercy. I Cor. 3:6 – 7.  God gives increase
  3. A cry for mercy is a key to access God after having done all and we have failed or advanced a little.

A Cry for Mercy means

    1. O Lord, I can’t go further
    2. O Lord, I am tired and confused.
    3. O Lord, prove yourself, I’m alone
    4. O Lord, do something now or your name will be reproached
    5. O! Lord which way out, make a way fast
    6. O! Lord can my dry bones live again
    7. O! Lord change the pattern of my achievement
  • 4        By mercy, your throne (Marital, financial can be established) Is. 16:5
  • 5        Ps. 51:1 – Multitude of God’s tender mercies David approached God for forgiveness by the fact of being a merciful God.  Ps.  56:1
  • 6        Mercy will save you from being swallowed up
  • 7        Mercy will deliver you from oppression
  • 8        Mercy will challenge those who delight in war against you.  Ps.  57:1, 2 & 3.
  • 9        Mercy brings compassion of God to you
  • 10      Mercy offers your security & refuge against attacks, robbery, assassination and accident
  • 11      Mercy brings performances into your life.
  • 12      Mercy saves you from reproaches
  • 13      Mercy delivers you from sudden death
  • 14      Mercy will keep you alive until calamities are over.  John 5 – Man by the pool of Bethseda v.3 – A great multitude of impotent folk waiting for the moving of the water v.6 Jesus saw a certain man.  V.9 The man was made whole. Mercy singled out that man, (mercy will single you out)
  • 16      Mercy provokes your miracles
  • 17      Mercy justifies you for greatness
  • 18      Mercy terminates long time problems
  • 19      Mercy brings HEALING
  • 20      Mercy opens doors of opportunity
  • 21      Mercy can bring you into remembrance
  • 22      Mercy qualifies you for uncommon favour


Mark 10 – Blind Bartimaeus first asked for MERCY before asking for His eyes to be opened. A prayer of desperation must be preceded by the prayer of MERCY.

  2. By your intervention O Lord, all my departed Glory, be restored in Jesus name.
  3. By your intervention O Lord, all my captured blessings, be released in Jesus name.
  4. By your intervention O Lord, all my delayed miracles and achievement, manifest now in Jesus name.
  5. By your intervention O Lord, all my positive dreams, manifest physically in Jesus name.
  6. By your intervention O Lord, all the wrong steps I have taken in life, be corrected in Jesus name.
  7. By your intervention O Lord, all the cloud of failure over my life, fade away in Jesus name.
  8. By your intervention O Lord, I walk into my breakthrough, advancement, helpers in Jesus name.
  9. By your mercy O Lord, single me out for a miracle in Jesus name.
  10. By the mercy of the Almighty God, all my pending breakthrough, manifest in Jesus name.
  11. By the mercy of God, sweat and struggles in my life, be terminated in Jesus name.
  12. By the mercy of God, all my benefits in chains, loose now in Jesus name.
  13. By your mercy O Lord, let my book of remembrance, be opened in Jesus name
  14. By your mercy O Lord, all my doors of opportunities, be opened in Jesus name.
  15. By your mercy O! Lord, raise me up, to the next level of achievement in Jesus name
  16. By your mercy O Lord, fill my cup to be running over in Jesus name.
  17. By your mercy O Lord, air of comfort blow into my life in Jesus name.
  18. Every area of my life, be withdrawn from any evil control in Jesus name.
  19. All the problems I have caused with my mouth, be reversed in Jesus name.
  20. My head and shoulder, be delivered from any evil burden in Jesus name (Isa. 10:11)
  21. Holy Spirit empower me to fight back in the Spirit realm in Jesus name.
  22. Any area of my life following wrong directions, I command you, adjust and be normalized in Jesus name.
  23. You anti-progress altars built against my life, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
  24. Evil powers delaying my miracles, be paralysed in Jesus name
  25. Satanic agent attacking me in form of a CAT, BIRD, ANIMAL, REPTILE, SPIDER, SHADOW, INSECT, especially in my dream die by fire in Jesus name.
  26. All my hidden oppressors, receive leprosy in Jesus name.
  27. Anointing of the overcomer, fall on me in Jesus name.
  28. Anointing to possess my possession, fall on me in Jesus name.
  29. Anointing to escape accident and sudden death, fall on me in Jesus name.
  30. Anointing to fulfil my days, fall on me in Jesus name.
  31. Anointing to progress in life, fall on me in Jesus name.
  32. Anointing to encounter God, fall on me in Jesus name.
  33. Anointing for divine solution to my problems fall on me in Jesus name.
  34. Anointing that cannot be molested, fall on me in Jesus name.
  35. Anointing to start and finish well, fall on me in Jesus name.
  36. By God’s mercy and intervention, I recover all my stolen virtues in Jesus name.
  37. Thanks, God, for a release of His mercy upon you.

Jesus is Lord

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